Photo Source: The CW // iZombie

Now this was a glimpse back into the iZombie I know and love! A case with a brain that makes Liv go crazy—but in a funny and entertaining way. We still had to deal with the Seattle zombie crisis, a reminder at just how terrible Blaine really is, and a new serial killer. What makes the serial killer worse, though, is that he’s killing humans, taking their brains, and destroying their bodies to sell those brains on the black market—to people like Blaine and Don E.

Maybe this isn’t any darker than iZombie has been in previous seasons. When I think back, there have been some crazy, terrible things…I’m remembering a death with a boat motor right now. Maybe I’m just less tolerant of it now.

No, no, it really is darker now. Blaine as a bad guy AND new Seattle: Zombie Apocalypse featuring Blaine’s dad the psycho pastor is just TOO MUCH. It’s overwhelming. Too overwhelming.

Okay, now that I’ve decided it really is not as good as it used to be, I’ll recap for you.

A romantic young woman tried to smuggle herself into Seattle to meet her online Boo with the help of a coyote. Little did she (or we) know, this coyote kills the people he smuggles in and sells their brains on the black market. This is obviously a dark organization that goes “all the way up”, because he was able to bribe a Fillmore Graves guard with ease. Obviously Chase Graves doesn’t know, but you know some of the other high officers at FG do.

So Liv eats the brains of this hopeless romantic and suddenly becomes a character from a Nora Ephron movie. She’s falling in love with lameos left and right—but not giving a second thought to her own star crossed love, Major? She also catches Bossio cheating on Clive at The Scrathing Post. I’m thinking it’s possible they have an open relationship, you know, to fulfill those sexual urges, but Liv doesn’t know that. Another romantic revelation? Peyton must be feeling it for Ravi, again. I can’t be the only one who saw those loving looks she was giving Ravi at the club.

Clive and Liv follow the trail of vision cues which leads them to where this Coyote serial killer does his dirty work. But there’s still no sign of where he is. Speaking of coyotes, Chase Graves has sent Blaine to snuff out Renegade (a GOOD coyote) because it seems that she’s turning terminal humans into zombies. So, we might lose another good guy. Sounds about right in the upside down world of iZombie.