*Spoiler warning for Legends of Tomorrow, season 4, episode 7.

Possessed doll on Legends of Tomorrow

The Legends deal with this possessed doll on Legends of Tomorrow. Photo courtesy of the CW, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

When I was 8 years old, my friend who lived next door convinced me too watch Chucky (a.k.a Child’s Play), the horror movie that was enough to scar me for life. I had to relive some of that this week when Legends of Tomorrow had a killer doll on the loose.

The Legends get news that a magical serial killer went on a murder spree in the 1850’s in New Orleans. While the murder was pinned on a Voodoo priestess, as Zari says, “one of the only women of color with power living in 1856,” the Legends are suspicious that it was actually someone else. They turn out to be right when a super-creepy knife-wielding doll possessed by the spirit of dead serial killer Mike the Spike, something Ava, who joins the Legends on this mission, figures out due to her fascination with serial killers. Mick torches the doll, but the spirit escapes while on the ship and inhabits a felt doll that looks lat Professor Stein, to make things even creepier.

Meanwhile, Constantine uses the jump-ship to help save the love of his life, who had been sucked down to hell with a demon. Charlie decides to help so she can get her shape shifting powers back – if Constantine’s boyfriend doesn’t die, he doesn’t join the Legends, and never curses Charlie so that she can’t shape-shift.  However, as we’ve seen before with this show, disastrous things happen when you try to change time.

Back at the Time Bureau, Mona has a crush on one of the magical creatures, while Gary has a crush on her. While spending more time with the creature, in a very The Shape of Water-way, she realizes someone has been hurting him. She hides when she hears someone entering, and sees two men come and abduct the creature – I’m assuming these are Hank’s government goons, since we saw him talking during the Thanksgiving episode about how he wants to use the creatures. She follows them and tries to stop them, and the creature breaks free, but also hurts her, slashing her across the stomach.

Everything comes to a halt when Constantine changes the timeline, so we don’t know how most of these stories play out, as the show episode ends with the time wave rushing over all of them. The only consequence we get to see is that after the time changes, Charlie has her powers back, and Zari has, for some reason, been transformed into a cat. We’ll just need to wait until next week to see how much everything has changed.