This past weekend I was in San Jose for the annual Heroes & Villains convention. This year they also combined their other convention Walker Stalker con to be held at the same time. I have to say I did think this change helped both cons overall, as anyone who has followed my convention adventures knows full well that I don’t get autographs or pictures with the stars and guests, it’s just not something I’ve found the urge to spend time or money on. So adding another convention at the price of one is a great change for many reasons.

You have a chance to meet and get more autographs and pictures obviously, but you have a chance for more and unique panels, the hall was seemingly divided into two different sections, one for the Heroes & Villains side, and one for the Walker Stalker side. This also leads to a chance to see brand new things you have never seen before like if you were here for the Heroes you might find something you didn’t know or like in the Walker side.

I personally like both sides and I used to go to each individually, but also you see some things out of the ordinary that catches your eyes which led me to this booth.


These pieces are all custom made from real paint cans. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks/The Game of Nerds

Colin is the owner of Big C Is Me he is also the creator of the following art. He uses actual spray cans and customizes them to these amazing works of art. You should be able to make out characters like, Skeletor, Red Skull, and the joker on that top line. After talking with him he says that these hand painted works takes a ton of hours to hand paint, and by looking at these it shouldn’t come as a surprise. If you look closely at this set you can see three different sizes, they range from $150 to $300.

Check out the paints above, do you have a favorite? Besides the cans Colin also has some other pieces that he works on. He specially hand painted these elaborate pieces.

Could you believe though that the best seller was actually his children’s book?


Baby Fatts book was the big hit. At the time of the picture he only had this one left. $11 on the website. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks/The Game of Nerds

Colin is located in Northern California, I am unsure if he is taking custom requests. You can find him at conventions as he was also at Designer Con, he is planning to be at Five Points Fest in New York.

His website is located at Big C is Me website
He is on Instagram and you can see some of his other projects and cosplayers posing with his cans(I am also in one of those) at
You can also find him on Facebook at Big C Artwork

Make sure to check out his work, give it a follow, don’t forget to share your favorite work and don’t be afraid to buy. One of my favorite things at conventions is looking out for things I haven’t seen before, this is one of those booths. As always don’t be afraid to get outside your comfort level and explore!