The time has finally come… for Marvel to release the first Avengers 4 trailer! 

After a whirlwind ride full of action, humor, and heartbreak in Avengers: Infinity War, the world has been waiting on the edge of their seat for the “part 2” of the conclusion of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as we know them. So will this grand finale be the sendoff we’ve all been waiting for? Let’s breakdown the trailer and find out! 

Opening quite appropriately with Tony (Iron Man) flying solo in a ship he managed to salvage as he clings to life, this trailer establishes early that the tone this film is going for is DARK. We hear Tony record a voice message for Pepper Pots saying that she was always the most important person in his life and that “Part of the journey is the end.”  — This tearjerking line strikes me as the first of many goodbyes from this character, who has been at the head of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s rise to the top. 

We leave Tony and join Natasha (Black Widow), Steve (Captain America), Dr. Banner (Hulk), and Thor back at the Avengers headquarters, where all are still reeling from the mass casualties. We get a glimpse of Thanos’ armor, which he has apparently discarded, and his hand serenely gliding through a field suggesting that his reign of terror is over. But what will Thanos’ fate actually be? Will Steve seek the ultimate revenge, or does he have something different up his sleeve?

It seems that they have somehow found a way to turn back time (or some other equally impossible thing) in order to bring their friends back from the abyss, and Natasha reassures Steve that it will work, and Steve says that it has to because he doesn’t know what he’ll do if it doesn’t. 

According to Dr. Strange’s announcement in Infinity War,there was only one way to win against Thanos, so what exactly will Steve and Natasha have to do with it? Maybe nothing, maybe everything. That’s the great thing about this trailer and this film in general — it seems that all this once great team is left with is their sheer willpower to live, and that’s a nice message to end with in the wake of so many larger than life movies and characters. 

And finally we’re introduced to the title — Avengers: Endgame. As many predicted, this title refers to the epic conclusion to a handful of characters we’ve come to know and love. It will be this movie, not Infinity War, that is the culmination of ten years worth of stories. 

 In the last seconds of this first trailer, in an almost post-credit like clip, we see that Scott Lang (Ant Man) has managed to escape the quantum realm where we last saw him trapped at the end of Ant Man & the Wasp. He appears like a beacon of hope to Steve, and we’re left wondering what secret he could hold to the fate of the universe. 

I really love this addition of Scott at the end of the trailer because it suggests that just as Infinity War began with hope and ended with despair, Endgame will start with despair and end with hope. And hope will perhaps come in the most unlikely of ways. 

Official poster for Avengers: Endgame. Source: Marvel Studios.

Admittedly, I was expecting something much more over the top and melodramatic from this trailer, because that’s what Marvel does, but instead they delivered a genuinely emotional and intriguing preview for the next installment of this story, which I think worked beautifully. It was the perfect amount of information and context to give us right now, and it’s clear that the scenes they chose were at the crux of important moments but just outside of what is going to make this movie really great, and that’s exactly what a trailer should be. 

I think I’m more excited for Endgame than I was for Infinity War, and that is an impressive feat to say the least. 

Avengers: Endgame premieres in theaters on April 26, 2019.