“Happy Challah Days” the Indie Hanukkah Treasure

Happy Challah Days brings a taste of the holidays with 8-bit flare. Happy Hanukkah from our family to yours!
Source: Happy Challah Days

With Hanukkah coming to an end, it’s time to honor our Jewish friends with a Hanukkah themed game! This 8-bit adventure created by MBoffin,of PlayPico, is entitled Happy Challah Days. This game was created for the Picto-8 Advent Calendar in which 25 developers teamed up to create a new game every day of December.

Source: Happy Challah Days

Happy Challah Days(HCD) follows a young boy as he scours the town for ingredients and recipe pages for challah bread. The town is massive, and our lad must talk to everyone that lives there and complete favors for them. This will either give the player the ingredient they need, or a completely different item they will require for another favor. The coolest part about HCD is that the time in the game coincides with the time in real life, like Animal Crossing. Not only is this a down right awesome feature, it means the player has certain tasks that they must complete throughout the different days of Hanukkah.

Source: Happy Challah Days

As I downloaded HCDI was filled with excitement, it had been weeks since I got to play an indie game and I was ready to get back in the game. The download was quick, and I was face to face with my favorite artwork, 8-bit. That was enough to get me pumped! The grass was green, the flowers bright, and my character’s grandma was adorable. She told me to go out and get the stuff we needed for challah bread. As I played, I found myself dancing to the music, it’s whimsical and has an energy that captivates you. I started giggling and went about meeting the townsfolk.

Source: Happy Challah Days

I found a grumpy old man that just wanted some jam, a boy that wanted a ribbon, and a cat herder. Yeah you read that right, a cat herder.Most of HCD was about walking around and picking things up that is, until I had to find an egg. That egg will be the death of me, I had to walk through a labyrinth of spikes to get it. I tried going through this maze 20 times needless to say, I still haven’t got that egg. I just can’t seem to time my steps right and keep stepping on the spikes. This makes players start maze all over again. Hopefully I will have completed this game before Hanukkah ends!

Source: Happy Challah Days

Overall, Happy Challah Days is an adorable lighthearted game that will please the masses. Its charm lies within its simplicity and its ability to make people smile. HCD reminds us that a game doesn’t have to be pumped with realistic graphics or million-dollar ad campaigns. Sometimes a game just needs to remind of our childhood. The holidays are filled with family and food.

We at The Game of Nerds hope you all are having a joyous and love-filled Hanukkah!

You can find Happy Challah Days here.


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