Episode 6 “Manhunter” geared up to rip our little hearts out! With the loss of a familiar character and the possible break up of another, it was hard not to tear up.

Archie convinces Kevin to take him to a doctor when his wound gets infected. After they leave the doctor’s office, Archie refuses to return to the bunker, but instead asks Kevin to go with him to the mines to find a witness and prove his innocence. Unfortunately, they’re to late to save the boys in the mine before they are all murdered by Sheriff Minetta.


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Jughead tells Betty he not only saw the Gargoyle King, but followed him to a remote spot in the woods where he met up with a group of guys in gargoyle masks. He thinks the King is making an army. He uses the serpents to find Joaquin and confronts him about stabbing Archie and the symbol on Archie’s side. Joaquin tells Jughead the symbol means “Sacrifice”. Jughead takes Joaquin back to his trailer and ties him up.

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Joaquin’s later found murdered outside of Jughead’s trailer. He has blue lips and the symbol for sacrifice carved into his head.


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Betty finds a connection between the “Midnight Club” and Warden Norton. He was the ROTC instructor at Riverdale High during the time the “Midnight Club” attended. She sends fake invitations to the parents of Riverdale from the Gargoyle King. Once they’ve all gathered in the speakeasy, she confronts them. However, none of them will tell her the truth. Penelope Blossom tells her Dilton’s father was secretly in love with her and after she turned him down for the second time, he killed himself, but there were traces of oleander poison in his system.


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Veronica’s trying to track down lost video footage of Sheriff Minetta coercing witnesses to testify against Archie. She realizes that 10 minutes of the original footage have been deleted, so she goes to her mothers office to look on the computer. She e-mails herself the lost footage, but gets arrested shortly after for breaking into the office. Eventually, she’s bailed out and gets the footage to a judge who overturns Archie’s conviction.


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Betty and Alice are attacked in their house by the Gargoyle King and his henchman. Alice decides the only way to keep Betty safe is to send her away to the “Sisters of Quiet Mercy” and Alice herself will live on the farm with Polly and the babies. Betty doesn’t even have the chance to tell Jughead she’s being sent away.

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By the end of the episode, Archie calls Veronica. She tries to tell him she’s overturned his conviction, but he’s tired of seeing people he loves get hurt because Hiram wants him dead. Archie decides to leave Riverdale and Veronica behind. He’s not alone. Jughead decides to go with him and keep him safe, but when he calls Betty and tell her, she’s already been taken away by the sisters and Alice ignores his calls.

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What will happen to the people of Riverdale? Will Archie and Jughead return before something bad happens to the girls they love? Stay tuned for episode 7 on TGON!