How the mighty have fallen – Max, the ex-Standford professor turned bookstore sales person and Leroy the ex-LAPD detective turned mall cop. The Bureau Underground offers to reinstate their previous job if they do 2 days, 1 job. And the show starts.


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Honestly, it feels a little bit rushed, but with a run time of only 23 minutes, it makes sense. Get the premise over and done with and let the story roll. And I won’t lie – it becomes quite an interesting story. It’s obvious that Leroy is the leader and Maxwell is the lackey, though I wish they’d let Maxwell’s intelligence shine a bit more. In the garage, with the diagram written in hidden print, maybe let him examine what they were about to go into the power plant.

Max plays the intelligent sensitive character a little to one or the other. He seems to be sensitive, which is quite the opposite of Leroy, and adds a really good chemistry between characters, but when he talks about anything scientific, he loses his sensitive side. But as the episode carried on, I feel like the actors found their characters a bit better, and we got to see Leroy is sensitive as well, he just didn’t want to get close to his new partner.


©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Scott Council/Fox

All in all, it was a lot of slapstick comedy, and had a few good laughs. The pacing was super fast, and the connections weren’t fleshed out, but for an episode one, I would say I am excited to see another episode. See you next week, and stay shiny!