Happy Halloween everyone! What do you mean it’s almost Christmas? Must be a nightmare before Christmas! I get one pun. Let me be. We hope to catch up in the next week or two, and return to our regularly scheduled uploading in 2019!  Until then, let us go ahead and dive right back into the episode!

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Lori is a patient who seems to be experiencing very lucid nightmares. She has been having them for weeks. Lori doesn’t take meds, but is a Nanny. Conrad decides to run tests- blood, MRI, the works. Suddenly, Lori forgets Conrad.. well, she remembers talking with him, but when Conrad approaches, she doesn’t recognize him. Conrad is worried it is Schizophrenia and tells her, since they promise to be 100% with each other. She ends up on the roof’s ledge, with Conrad talking her down.  They run a basic test, just writing the numbers of a clock on a diagram, but

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when she only writes the 12 numbers on one side, both realize only one half of her brain is communicating with the outside world- Not schizophrenia. It seems Lori has a lot of guilt about leaving her family and moving to Atlanta,  Lori ends up running through the hall into a glass window and getting a piece of glass stuck in her thigh. Dr. Bell was the first on the scene, followed by Conrad. Bell offers a fresh pair of eyes on the case if he needs them. During her surgery to stop the bleeding and remove the glass, they find a teratoma, a collection of flesh that can produce its own organs. This one had teeth. Very rare, but happens. She decides to call her family, to tell them the good news.


r 2.6.6

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t is Halloween, Devon and Conrad are scheduled while Irving, Nic and Mina are off, Mina is off, and is throwing a party. I guess she does it annually, and are the stuff of legends. Nic decides to bring her sister, who has been almost 2 months sober. Mina’s outfit is outstanding, but we know she is a seamstress from a previous episode, so no real surprise. She rates everyone before they enter, but Irving is having a very difficult time passing her rating system. Nic is worried her sister will fall off the wagon, but Mina talks her into letting them both have a good night. Sadly, before the party ends, Mina is called into surgery. She leaves Nic in charge with a few quick rules, nothing big, no throwing up on carpet, no Irving allowed in without a better costume, the usual. But Nic’s sister Jesse disappears with a cute guy. Her Tarzan ends up offering Jesse some prescription pills, who pockets them for later. Little back story on Sterling Gray- I recently moved from the drug rehab capital of the state, if not country. It also had some serious drug issues. Easiest customer is a relasper. Keeps the halfway houses full and the problem a plague. I never met an addict or ex addict who could pocket pills for later just to throw them away. Anyways, Jesse tells Nic off, and I think it triggers a panic attack, but it is a chance for Jesse to see her older sister isn’t as perfect as she thought.

r 2.6.2

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Devon and AJ have an arm to re-attach. AJ begins to call it Clyde. It seems someone is moving it, causing it to stick it’s thumb up in the air. Devon is unsure who is messing with them, but AJ rolls with it. Later, the hand is in a peace sign. Mason, a first year resident known for his immaturity is blamed, but before he could defend himself, a leg rolls in, making everyone realize how serious the situation is… I don’t know… the fact neither organ is bleeding makes me feel like it is a prank. Frank is the patient’s name, his wife and 3 daughters showing up just minutes before he arrived. MASON MAKES A GLARING ERROR AS HE PLACES HIS HANDS ON TOP OF HIS HEAD FOR THE

r 2.6.4

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LOVE OF GOD I HOPE THIS IS A SICK PRANK!!! Nonononono! Mason then proceeds to touch his lips…. like… NO! He only does chest compression but his gloves are compromised. If he was handling any open wound, there could be a cross contamination of bacteria, viruses, even foreign debris. The OR is full of everyone- DR. Bell, Dr. Austin, Dr. Okafor, and Kit. Everyone has an ego and I am not sure the OR has enough room for them all! All goes well, and Frank is reunited with his 3 daughters. It comes out Kit has 2 children, both adults, and one grandchild. AJ seems befuddled at best. It is never explained who was changing the hand positions, though it can be assumed it was Mason.

Dr. Bell has a new IT person, who is a slacker. It his first day, and his last as he was caught playing video games. He tries to talk into letting him keep his job, by playing matchmaker. Dr. Bell meets Vivian. She is quite beautiful. Sadly, he does get buzzed, but I think she has a thing for heroes. Seeing as they are shown in bed together, guess she waited. She did drop the bomb that his techie, Grayson, is her son. And also her ex Husband is the Golf Course owner Dr. Bell loves to visit.

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Marshall approaches Conrad halfway through his shift, inviting him somewhere out of states, a little condo on the Island. Conrad instantly has his guard up, as his father earlier missed a meeting, claiming he has business across town that held him up… at 9 pm at night. Now he wants to leave the Country? Even as I write this, red flags are flying high! After shift, Conrad approaches Marshall again, and says he will spend time with him if he is more honest. Marshall flips the script, and tells his son ‘Don’t ask of me what you refuse to do yourself.’ I see where Conrad gets his spunk. At the end of the episode, we see Conrad having a nightmare- Him as a small child and his mother tumbling down the stairs, breaking her neck. Marshall tells him to leave. Makes you wonder how his mother died.

That is all for this week. Like I said, I hope to spend this week catching up on all the episodes, and gear up for next year. Until then, Stay Shiny!!