SCANDAL – “The People v. Olivia Pope” – The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth) KERRY WASHINGTON

What’s that you say? A good episode of Scandal? Why I never! But here we are with the 3rd episode of the 2nd half of Scandal‘s 7th season. My major grip with the last two episodes were that they basically could’ve been chopped up into one, removing all the filler, and it would’ve at least been bearable. It was obvious Quinn wasn’t dead and we didn’t need an entire episode focusing on how she ended up not-dead. This episode goes right to the chase and gets straight back into what I wanted from this season: people yelling at Olivia about how awful she’s become. And that’s basically what this episode boiled down to and I was all for it.

Olivia thinks she’s going to Vermont to chill with Fitz after she confided in him after the death of Quinn, but that doesn’t end up being the case. Huck and Fitz were onto Olivia’s schemes and Quinn’s USB that was found at the end of Episode 8 caught Abby, David, and Marcus up to speed. They’ve now staged an intervention to save Olivia’s soul or else David will lock her up for what she’s done. Olivia decides this is all stupid and locks herself up in a bedroom to prevent from hearing anyone’s words, so the intervention goes off to a great start. Throughout the episode, various people of the house speak to the door Olivia is locked behind and try to convince her to make the right decision and that they are all there for her, despite the very bad things she’s committed. She remains put in the room for basically everyone, but attempts to lure Huck back to her side when it’s his turn up, but the former lapdog doesn’t give in as even he knows Olivia is too far gone in her crusade for power.



Meanwhile, the non-Vermont storylines focus on two trios: Cyrus, Mellie, Jake and Rowan, Quinn, Charlie (baby doesn’t count). Cyrus has also become aware of Olivia’s wrongdoings and reports them to Mellie, despite Jake’s earlier insistence that he don’t do so. Mellie doesn’t want to believe Cyrus, mostly because that would be accepting that Olivia killed her lover, so Cyrus is just left to suffer Jake’s wrath once he becomes aware of what Cyrus has done. I enjoyed the stand-off between them and was surprised that Jake actually backed off after Cyrus’ threat, though he may just be playing things smart instead of reckless like in the past. Mellie later forcing Jake to come clean about Rashad’s death was also a great scene, where Jake didn’t hold back on revealing why it was necessary to go forward with the assassination since Mellie was fully ready to go to an ill-prepared war for him.

The other trio is a lot more self-contained and honestly the weirdest part of the episode. Seeing Rowan dance and sing Britney Spears with Quinn while Charlie watches in confusion and horror was honestly my feelings. How could the feared leader of B613 also become this? Much of this plot is Charlie being relieved that Quinn and their child didn’t actually die, but him also wanting them to move on with their lives. This still isn’t a possibility as Rowan needs Quinn hidden for his plan, so him and Charlie go back and forth with what to do on matters. After a touching scene where Charlie realizes he has no idea what to do with a baby and Rowan helping him out, he decides it’s in their best interest for Rowan to continue protecting Quinn and Robin, for now.


SCANDAL – “The People v. Olivia Pope” –  The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth) KERRY WASHINGTON

Since Olivia is out of options of escaping Vermont without either turning herself in or renouncing her evil ways, she decides to go with the latter…or so it seems. She appears out of the room early the next morning and gives a hand-written letter to the group waiting for her, stating that she’ll resign as the Chief of Staff and begin plans with Jake to deconstruct B613. Olivia heads back to D.C. to give the news in a press conference, but everyone soon learns they’ve been tricked and she lied to break free. Jake finally reconnects with her after her absence and this obviously results in sex because Scandal. Olivia then orders Jake to blackmail Mellie, but this ends up going against Olivia. Mellie has also lost hope for Olivia and Jake has grown sick of being her new lapdog, so Mellie grants Jake the position of Chief of Staff, ousting Olivia, who is last seen in great anger at Mellie.

It’s about time we got an episode that wasn’t afraid to plow through the crux of the season and give some new interesting developments. I was honestly surprised that this was all wrapped up in a single episode as the current pace of Scandal would’ve led me to believe the intervention would take, at the least, two. Instead, the episode ends on Olivia with no allies left, having destroyed every single relationship she’s ever had. Her power status is running low, but Olivia won’t back down, so I’m curious to see what tricks she’ll have in display now to get back what she desires…or maybe she’ll finally give up and embrace the white hat again? Nah, you know it’s the former, especially with 8 episodes left.

The People v. Olivia Pope – 4 out of 5


  • Main focus on Olivia’s growing wrongdoings and everyone’s attempts to stop her.
  • Olivia trying to channel Rowan’s manipulative nature on Huck, but to no success.
  • Charlie and Rowan bonding over Robin.
  • Jake pulling one over on Olivia.


  • Why was Marcus at the intervention? He barely did anything.
  • Still no signs of what happened to Curtis Pryce. Guess we’re suppose to assume he’s dead.