Outlander Season 5 2020

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At Jocasta’s wedding, Jamie learns Tryon’s true motivation for ending the Regulator threat.


I don’t even know where to start with this episode. It bored me, the storylines were all over the place, and that stable scene we were all waiting for, was a disappointment.

Now thinking about it. This was supposed to be Jocasta’s wedding, but she kept on saying that she was going to be married the next day, so I’m confused about that explanation. So this was a party, a day before the wedding? And it was weird that we really didn’t see much of an interaction between Jocasta and Innes. I guess this wedding was more of an afterthought to the writers and just a setting for all the chaos. We did eventually see Murtagh make an appearance at the end of the episode, and confess his love to Jocasta, but at this point, Jocasta wanted nothing to do with him. I guess it makes sense like she said because she didn’t want to be with someone who caused trouble like her late husband did, but what doesn’t make sense, is that before all of this, Jocasta was all for sneaking around with Murtagh. I don’t know what changed her mind all of a sudden, but I guess it was for the best. In general, I thought their conversation was drawn out a little too long, and it ended in heartbreak anyway.

Stephen Bonnet, was a central point, yet again, and quite honestly, I’m done with this storyline. This has been a long goose chase of figuring out his whereabouts and wondering what he’s going to do to the Fraser family, and thankfully, we moved it along a little more. Claire’s investigative work, was pretty good, but Wylie, totally creeped me out. He stood out like a sore thumb, with his Parisian makeup, and I can’t believe that he tried to make a move on Claire. What seemed totally unrealistic, was that when Claire was getting attacked, Jamie just happened to be right there to save her. That never would have happened in real life. And when Jamie thought it was a good idea to take Claire’s rings to gamble with, I thought he was being insensitive. Claire had every right to be mad with him, and it confused me that he didn’t know why he was making her upset. Thankfully, he won against Wylie, but that sex scene in the stables was disappointing. I had watched it by itself before watching the episode, and I didn’t think it was that bad, but watching it as part of a whole, it felt rushed, and I felt like it needed more dialogue. I know it was about dominance, and Claire showing that there’s nothing wrong with being a woman, but I needed more from it. And I know Jamie was drunk, but I feel like he and Claire have been over the men vs. women conversation before. And I thought Jamie realized now that there was more to Claire than the average woman. Why insult her now? But after all of this, we find out that Jamie is going to meet with Bonnet about his whisky (insert Sassanach whisky advert here), and hopefully Jamie will finally get some revenge. This is someone I wouldn’t mind Jamie killing. Lastly, when Bonnet meets up with Gerald Forbes at the coffee shop, I want to know how Forbes knew that Jemmy was Bonnet’s son? That seemed weird to me, and now I can see, that Bonnet might want to take River Run from Jemmy’s fortune.

Back at Fraser’s Ridge, locusts have attacked the crops, and finally, Roger took matters into his own hands. Leave it to Roger, to use his scholarly ways to resolve the issue, and thankfully it did work. My only gripe with this storyline was that it ended too quickly. I want to know how long this “plague” lasted because it seemed to end too fast. I don’t think one swarm of locusts would come and that would be it. I would think it would last a season if that’s when they flourish the most. But who am I to say. I don’t know anything about locusts and their swarming patterns.

And to end this sad episode behind, I saw that Diana Gabaldon herself wasn’t too pleased with the episode…

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And Diana had said that Sam and Cait had more of a say during the last half of the season and that she was happy with some of those episodes, so here’s to hoping for a good finish to the season 🤞🏼.