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The Charmed Reboot Reached the Next Level in Episode 7 “Out of Scythe”

Real talk for a moment, I do these game of nerds reviews for it and try and promo the show because I want it to succeed but off the record/no agenda:

The Charmed reboot is actually watchable and I’m shocked at how much I enjoy it. There are actual LGBT characters and while the writing can be too “lets appeal to millennials” with certain lines, they are really self aware of the campiness and so far one episode has made me tear up and the newest one hit season 3 – 4 levels of good with stronger enemies and a deeper use of mythos.

It will probably get canceled because people don’t give it a chance, but I really recommend enjoying it for what it is while we can. Without further ado lets dove into last week’s episode!

We open with the introduction of a new shadowy baddie causing havoc when the demon attacks the owner of a wine shop. There isn’t murder though, aa the victim is left alive [considerate demon], but a magical theft had occurred. The shadow demon reached straight into its victim and pulled out a glowing magical item. Color us intrigued!

Charmed – The CW
The next day the victim shows up at the Charmed manor (in Michigan) and we aren’t left in the dark very long. They put him on the couch and Harry explains he’s a hunky satyr [my words] and heals him. Once healed, Leon the satyr is much more fun and sassy. He explains he is from a long line of sentinels charged with guarding a shard of the scythe of Tartarus. Cut to a lengthy explanation rooted in Greek mythology that isn’t entirely accurate but mashes some actual myth with new bits. The story isn’t explained well in the Charmed wiki, but Tartarus is the field of punishment/lowest level of hell in Greek mythology [think where the Titans were banished] and the scythe belonged to Leto, Apollo’s mother, who used it to free him when Zeus condemned him for the murder of the Cyclops that made the lightning bolt Zeus used to kill Apollo’s son [an actual myth but in the real story he was just sentenced to labor for a year].
Charmed – The CW

So we find out there are 3 shards total and a beacon to reconnect them, and when one is obtained a hell quake and power outages follow. So nothing to do except wait for signs the next ones in danger. Which doesn’t take long until the second sentinel, a Tawaret [Egyptian fertility goddess] is attacked and has her shard stolen. It’s a cute but short interaction and things hit the fan when they return home to a swarm of bees trying to enter the manor. SURPRISE Macy uses science/logic to point out they’re being attracted to the electromagnetic signal if the activated lodestones and the third piece of the scythe must be in the manner because *shocker* their mother was the third sentinel. They follow the bees to the hiding spot and then prepare for battle.

Charmed – The CW
They set up a light trap for the shadow demon and its all super badass and we got another great montage. The demon appears and their false alter allows them to lure it into the spell — but boosted with the shards in hand he is able to summon the third and break the spell. A small chase ensues but Maggie puts up a better fight than both sentinels and is able to read the demon’s thoughts [RED FLAG]. In the end, neither the Charmed ones nor the Shadow Demon walks away with the Scythe of Tartarus — an unknown character Mel recognizes from flirting at The Haunt walks in and uses her electric powers to swipe it and teleport out last second.
The epilogue reveals a few surprises. The least surprising of them being that the shadow demon is Maggie’s new boyfriend Parker (now that they have permission from Lucy). His father is trying to free the Harbinger, and ha been working in the background with Parker’s brother all season — not the most shocking twist after early hints in the episode and making Parker a half-demon feels too on the nose with Phoebe storyline parallels, but we digress. A more shocking twist was the alternative looking character we assumed would be a love interest for Mel being a the shocking twist.
Charmed – The CW
The final scene gave us mixed feelings. With Macy getting over the feelings of her “internal darkness” after coming clean to her sisters she fights to keep Galvin in her department [she got made the boss this episode] she takes charge of the budget and makes changed to save him we end with her firing their more annoyingly “friend” who had been mentioned a few times. We enjoyed it, but wish this was more a mid-episode scene and the final dramatic theft of the scythe was the final scene — but that’s because we’re so excited to see where it leads!

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