James is let loose upon the Children of Liberty, as he’s speaking to Agent Liberty directly. James himself unmasked, brought to an undisclosed location. Things go awry later when James Olsen is provoked to destroying Supergirl’s monument as a show of support for the Children of Liberty. It turns out he’s supposed to destroy Shelly Island, an immigration checkpoint for aliens much like Ellis Island is in New York City.

Somehow, within their plan, Supergirl is going to be killed.

Shelly Island

created by: Blair – TGON – Supergirl – The CW

I finally discovered what Lena’s assistant’s name is: Eve. That’s cool since it’s been bugging me a while.

Lena is moving along with the Herun-El protocol and she begins her first human trials. The dude incorrectly assumes Lena Luthor is a lab tech. Dr. Kieran aka Lena reveals to her test subject Adam that she witnessed her birth mother drowning. Much like Adam feels responsible for his brother dying on the operating table after giving Adam a new kidney. Their bonding allows Lena the confidence to continue with her experiment.

Unfortunately, the first human trial resulted in Adam’s expiration. He was able to conjure what could be considered supernatural powers for a few minutes before dying under the Herun-El treatment.

Supergirl is trapped inside the building on Shelly Island, her powers dampened by devices set in place there. She was given up by Manchester Black in exchange for a deal to meet with Agent Liberty. James doesn’t know this, as he stands in front of a camera, voicing a script in support of the Children of Liberty, set to air on Adam Lockwood’s show.

Supergirl struggling

created by: Blair – TGON – Supergirl – The CW

Luckily, James spots Kara as she clutches a window, shooting flares with her x-ray vision to signal she is trapped in the memorial set to blow with the help of the fission tubes stolen by the Children of Liberty.

Kara manages to escape, tossing the device into midair as James grapples with the men outside. Although Manchester reneges on his deal with Agent Liberty, I still don’t trust him.

“And every time I close my eyes and wait to hear Fi’s voice, there’s nothing. There’s just silence.”

An empathy amplifier was placed upon J’onn J’onnes when the Martian confronts Manchester, hoping to prevent him from killing Agent Libert. The truth: Manchester had killed all those Children of Liberty in the name of vengeance. But damn, was it necessary to prove a point by forcing J’onn to feel and see everything? The Martian cried over the pain and guilt for Rao’s sake!

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