Fun, action packed, and great storylines that keeps you invested from the first episode. While I did have my issues with the first few episode, due to how it seemed they were doing the whole Smallville “Monster of the week” routine. It kept me in with its witty writing an use of characters. The whole case of who is the man in yellow left us guessing for quite awhile on the show. Which is another great thing about the show which surprised most of us. The way they handled “The Reverse Flash “ was done in a way where both hardcore comic book fans and new viewers could enjoy which isn’t often done that well.

Barry Allen and his team were done almost perfectly for television. They all had their moments in the sun to show how valuable they are to each other. I couldn’t help but to see my self in Cisco and I think that was intentional. As the viewers we’re seeing and having the same thoughts as Cisco during the course of the show.

This is one of the few shows that I can say got better with each episode. With the final being the perfect icing on the cake and it closed one season story plot and open the door for another.