SCANDAL – “Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself” – The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth) KERRY WASHINGTON, VIOLA DAVIS

The time has finally arrived for Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder to combine together for a two hour event. For people who only watch one of the two shows, it might’ve been a lot, but hey, it may have turned people onto the show they hadn’t previously viewed and that’s always a good thing. The crossover didn’t feel like a shoehorned moment either and I felt it did well on the Scandal side to help Olivia’s arc, even though I still think it’s a bit too soon to sweep everything she did under the rug.

This episode picked up months after Olivia resigned from the White House, as well as Command, and she’s currently teaching classes as her occupation. Annalise Keating happens to show up at Olivia’s latest session and promptly asks her for help on her class action lawsuit that was tanked by the Pennsylvania court. Annalise wants it to be heard by the Supreme Court as she feels it’s the only way the prisoners that have been mistreated by the system stand a chance. Olivia is hesitant on this at first, but she knows that working this case would possibly be something of a redemption for her. She downplays this throughout the episode and blames her resistance on the fact that Annalise doesn’t have the most stellar history (Her show is called How To Get Away With Murder for a reason), but by the end, Olivia realizes she really does want to continue helping the world be a better place, but this time without murdering innocent people to achieve it.


SCANDAL – “Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself” –  The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth) KERRY WASHINGTON, TONY GOLDWYN, CORNELIUS SMITH JR.

Olivia and Annalise know that they can’t accomplish all of this alone, so Olivia tries to enlist the help of Fitz and Mellie, even though she’s walking on eggshells in regards to their standings. Since Fitz is still apparently endlessly in love with Olivia, he agrees to an alliance with her, though he is still unsure of her true intentions. Mellie, on the other hand, still isn’t so happy about Olivia’s whole Command past for right reasons. This results in her being petty and deciding to reject help to get back at Olivia, even though she states it’s not why she’s doing it and it’s simply that the case would work better later down the line once the Supreme Court starts being replaced with new members. The episode then becomes a race between the factions of Olivia/Annalise/Fitz vs. Mellie/Jake/Quinn to see who can persuade the Supreme Court members to their side of the matter.

The moments of interaction between Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder characters are probably the best part of the episode as it’s interesting to see Olivia and Annalise clash over their personalities and ideals, as well as other characters interacting with these crossover moments as well. I initially liked Michaela and Marcus teaming up, but when it became obvious there was some sexual tension going between them, that’s when I signed out (The HTGAWM episode that follows make this 100x worse). I, at first, thought the characters of Scandal (with the exceptions of Mellie and Jake) were still so quick to forgive (or at least tolerate) Olivia despite everything she did wrong, but giving the case this episode revolves around, it was easier to understand the motives of people like Quinn and Fitz. While they still aren’t fully on board with Olivia, they realize that saving people who don’t belong in the prison system is more important than holding a grudge (unlike Mellie).


SCANDAL – “Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself” –  The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth) TONY GOLDWYN, BELLAMY YOUNG, VIOLA DAVIS, KERRY WASHINGTON

The moment between Fitz and Olivia near the end of the episode was actually really good to me. I said earlier that he still obviously loves her, but it was nice to see Olivia come clean to him about her true intentions with the case and Fitz stating that the old Olivia seems to finally have returned. Quinn turning around and allowing Olivia to fix the trump card Quinn  previously gave to Mellie and Jake was a good moment as well. They still aren’t allies as Quinn makes the point of saying she isn’t doing this for Olivia, but it’s a step in the right direction for everyone to heal. I was already upset at how easily Olivia turned to the good side in the previous episode, so I’m glad the show seems to be taking its time and allowing everyone to still not be sure of Olivia. Noting that months have gone by since the last episode helps show that everyone was really hurt by Olivia’s betrayals to them, so if next episode suddenly has everyone on board again, I guess I’d suck it up and be alright with it (though I’d still rather that not be the case).

Anyway, Olivia and Annalise manage to get enough Supreme Court members on their side after Olivia handles the blackmail that Mellie and Jake had over the last judge they needed and the decision is made that the Supreme Court will hear out the case from Annalise. The HTGAWM episode is the one that actually details the court and the Scandal episode basically serves as the setup to the big moment. I guess you could treat this as a standalone episode, but I definitely think it helps to watch the 2nd hour, even if you hadn’t previously followed HTGAWM. There are moments that you won’t understand, but for the most part those HTGAWM centric sequences are few and far between the main Supreme Court plot.

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself – 4 out of 5


  • It was great to see the crossover unfold and I honestly would be fine with Scandal characters finding their way into HTGAWM after Scandal finally bows out in 7 more weeks.
  • Even at episode’s end, Olivia still hasn’t fully been forgiven for her actions as Command and I like that. It’s a steady progress and deserves to be that.


  • No Cyrus this entire episode. We last left him having the documents that could destroy Mellie’s career and he stated he’d still possibly pull the trigger without Olivia’s involvement so….what happened then?
  • I can see and understand why Michaela and Marcus would have chemistry together, but the shows trying to pair them together when Michaela is in a relationship is no bueno, though this obviously hasn’t and probably still won’t be the last time cheating has occurred in either show.