Super Drags Wasn’t Super But Was a Drag

Contrary to some reviews, we don’t think the series is the worst piece of media ever served to fge LGBT community. And frankly, as a gay man that watches a lot of cartoons, adult animation, anf Ru Paul’s Drag Race, I don’t agree with the reviews that attempt [and fail] to be politically correct by saying the show is fine but not for them and the intended audience is too small.

As the intended audience I’m here to tell you that it isn’t an issue of audience size, it’s a quality issue. The writing comes off like it was written by an intern, or whoever writes the intentionally bad skits on RPDR. The animation is cute and the style is decent, but the story, dialogue, jokes, and gags continually miss the mark. Why? They lack heart. They focus too much on tropes and genital jokes that lose their effectiveness after their first introduction — let that sink in: only 6 episodes and I was eye rolling and bored of repeating gags.

Super Drags – Netflix

My major complaint may be unwaranted, because it critiques the show for what it isn’t, as opposed to what it is, but it constantly felt like they squandered an opportunity for a succesful piece of high quality lgbt animation that could have taken what its predecessors did to the next level with the nearly unsensored freedom of the Netflix streaming platform. We have cute magical girl transformation scenes but the plot is no where as engrossing as Sailor Moon; we have bright colorations but don’t get the heart or personal connection to characters of Steven Universe. Speaking of, the show goes for a positive body messaging tactic in one episode, but when Lemon is told they aren’t hot enough by tinder and then a camera monster [the series does scratch an itch for those fight scenes — but only lightly] we geta journey of self change to be accepted/lovable until they pull a bs move that the monster ACTUALLY responds just fine, and minus a small tiradethe show doesn’t truly hold the community accountable for the realistic problems it parodies and makes 0 steps to better us or impart wisdom. They used actual flaws in the lgbt community for laughs without bringing it full circle in a satisfying way, which is where I started to lose interest and grew increasingly annoyed.

Super Drags – Netflix

It’s not even about representation, becsuse this show should be kept far away from children, and while I’m sure immature 14 year old boys willl enjoy the constants genital flopping and condom force fields it’s saddening that the entertainment made for us, by us aimed so low brow and unintelligent. Rick and Morty hides genitals in a large portion of their animation but ut us nuanced and has more substance than Super Drags, so that’s the tea on that.

Super Drags – Netflix
So to sum that up: the dialogue, plot, world building, jokes, and heart of it all sucked. But the animation, action, and voice acting were all superb. We were extremely proud of the voice acting of Ginger Minj, Trixie, and Shangela for delivering what they were given well and trhe shows enjoyable moments and action sequences, but we were disappointed with Rod Keller as Safira – it could’ve been the writing and direction but it was unbearable to listen to, whivh is sad because we love him and want to see him in more work (just not as this character).

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