We all know that Father Blackwood is an evil, conniving fraud who will step on anyone to get his way. These character traits led us to believe that he was the perpetrator of Ambrose’s former love Luke, but in this episode, we found out the truth. Two weeks before Ambrose was accused of murdering the anti-pope, Luke was captured by missionaries of the false god and killed. In this episode, we saw the church of night and the witches of Greendale become infested with these hunters in hope to convert and kill, but Sabrina showed them that she isn’t the witch to mess with.

A Confession

A confession is all that Father Blackwood needed to justify his execution plans of Ambrose. Prudence’s pride in her new last name boosted her ego to not associate with the likes of a Spellman. It was in her plans to deliver a verbal confession from Ambrose to her father, but there were more problems in the academy than one. While the weird sisters planned to torture Ambrose, Sabrina made it her mission to see justice for him by summoning the castle. Unfortunately, the council had already made their decision. It was weird seeing Ambrose more vulnerable than usual since he’s usually the go-to guy for knowledge. I honestly thought he would’ve found a way out of the cell on his own, but Luckily Hilda thought quick on her feet and inspired Prudence to deliver him chicken bones to help him escape.

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

          Since Sabrina was expelled, she returned to Baxter High to reunite with her friends, unfortunately, they weren’t so welcoming of her presence since she chooses when to be a friend. Ros’s sight has caused her to isolate her self from the classroom so that she won’t be a disturbance. It’s painful to see Ros treat herself like a burden, but I didn’t think it was fair to blame her family’s curse on Sabrina. All witches aren’t bad witches and Sabrina is still a good witch despite her new dark and edgy side. I do believe that she would never do anything to harm her friends in any way even if the Dark Lord requested her to do so. I thought it was sweet of her to give Ros a comforting charm even though she didn’t want to accept her services to help her see again. I understood that her friends felt like they couldn’t trust her powers since she resurrected Harvey’s brother and killed Susie’s uncle, but she’s a different witch now.

The Cunning Of Death

I love how Ros’s cunning has become such a big help in Sabrina’s life. She was able to warn Sabrina about the smiling missionary’s intentions to kill her, but he wasn’t the only one. Sabrina was able to escape on her bike to find Hilda who was also dealing with a witch hunter. The hunters didn’t dare to stop there because they made a pit stop at the academy. While Nick was lounging around drinking his problems away, a missionary asked him to repent while threatening to shoot him with a bow. Another greeted Ambrose at the door while he was trying to escape. I bet you’re wondering how they were able to enter the elite witch academy. Well, the had to detach poor Luke’s hand for entrance.

Sabrina The Savior

Witches were captured, taken away to a sanctuary, threatened and killed by angels who wished to convert them into saints. Sabrina made it just in time before the missionaries began to burn witches, but the tables soon turned. After being shot multiple times by arrows, Sabrina was lifted by the spirit of the Dark Lord. She burned the angels and resurrected the slaughtered witches to save the coven. It was horrifying but cool to see Sabrina levitating and performing miracles that the church has never seen before. I suspect that her powers have been given to her by the Dark Lord to protect the church and ascend before Father Blackwood could do anything about it. If he was threatened before he should definitely be threatened now because she will find a way to save Ambrose from execution.

Yay Or Nay

Sabrina never cease to amaze me and neither did this episode, so I say Yay! Another scene in this episode that I really enjoyed was Lilith’s time with Adam before the Dark Lord served her his head on a platter. It was disgusting to know that she had to consume her former fiance, but it was even more sickening knowing that he wanted to degrade Lilitha, make her feel less than she is, and prepare another woman to take her place. I’m pretty sure if he allowed her to live her new love life, she wouldn’t even think about taking Sabrina out of the equation, but he took the one thing away from her that really made her happy. Even Lilith deserves love. I also love that Sabrina is more invensnible than ever, her new gifts will be enough to stand up to anyone, including the cancel. I can’t wait to see how she will get Ambrose out of his situation and continue to piss off Father Blackwood. Till next episode guys!