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Ray realizing the gravity of the situation. Photo is a direct screenshot from Daredevil Season 3, Episode 11 “Reunion.”

**Please note that this review contains spoilers for “Reunion” and any episodes that occur prior**

“I killed my brother.”

Where to start? Well, Kingpin is back on top of his unstoppable, all-seeing, perch. He is now completely free. His amazing speech in front of the hotel sent shivers down my spine with the power that Fisk was able to display.  Citing the church massacre as his prime example, Fisk was able to aim a spotlight on Daredevil—claiming that he is the true Public Enemy. With his enemies (including the public themselves) all occupied, Kingpin was able to get to his own personal work:  part of which was tracking down his former belongings, including the infamous White Rabbit. I was scared that he was simply going to kill the new owner, but clearly Fisk sympathized with her struggles. He felt that Vanessa would have wanted the lady to keep it rather than tearing it away from her again. I was legitimately surprised.  But, then again, Kingpin’s acts of mercy can catch people by surprise.

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Karen and Matt recovering after their near escape from Dex. Photo is a direct screenshot from Daredevil Season 3, Episode 11 “Reunion.”

Meanwhile, Dex wasn’t taking his failure too well, having unsuccessfully killed Karen.  On top of that, his unsuccessful attempts to locate both Matt and Karen did help matters. They led to us seeing Dex take his rage out on some innocent people, as well as letting out a primordial scream of rage. Dex was starting to unravel in front of others as his failure caused him to not only act strangely obsessive, but also raise the suspicions of more than just a few people. My favorite part was when he nearly lost it when Nadeem handed Karen over to the local police. Dex really needs to practice keeping a low profile.

This episode is where Nadeem started his redemption arc.  He was the one that drove Dex to the church—he is responsible for all of the death and bloodshed that occurred. It’s not until now that he finally took the steps to try and right his wrongs. He does this by defying Dex and the FBI and handing Karen Page over to Brett and the cops. The best Nadeem stuff didn’t happen until the end of the episode, however. Realizing that his family was no longer safe, he ran home in an attempt to get them to safety. What followed was yet another brilliant and intense action sequence, which ended with Daredevil showing up to help save their lives. Not only that, but now Nadeem knows Matt’s secret.

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Ray about to get a truth bomb. Photo is a direct screenshot from Daredevil Season 3, Episode 11 “Reunion.”

Speaking of Matt, we had plenty of great moments with him and Karen as they both tried to evade capture from the cops investigating the crime scene. It’s always a treat to get bluntly honest and true scenes between the both of them, so it was really captivating as Karen revealed her troubled past to Matt and why Kingpin was after her in the first place. You could see that Matt–though frustrated–admired her courage in all of the situations. He is coming to understand that Karen is quite capable of handling herself in these dangerous situations. We also got some very brief interactions with Matthew and his mother as she helped them hide from the police (and their dogs). You can’t blame Matt too much for being cold to his mother, but surely her saving their lives earned her some points with him.

“Reunion” was yet another in a long line of fantastic Daredevil episodes. On top of that, the team is finally back together! It was great to see them mending bridges and getting on the same page once again. With Nadeem finally taking a stand against Fisk, Team Daredevil has a new ally in their fight against the Kingpin of Crime.


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