Now that the Apocalypse is laid to rest, we can’t help but feel a little gipped by the number of unanswered questions we were left with. That isn’t to say we didn’t love the season, because we did– even the finale, while not what we’d hoped for, was a satisfying and buzz-worthy resolution (or lack thereof wink-wink). We were enamored with the Coven 2.0 perspective, especially with the exploration of the warlocks and development of characters we thought we’d seen the last of. We could have lived with less of Michael’s personal journey from murder house to Illuminati because it came off more bland than intriguing (even that hallucination in the woods scene left us underwhelmed). We have faith that it was just the writing for his character being intentionally unlikable [a bratty antichrist– what’s to like?] And we believe that Michael Fern will do just fine in the next season or whatever other project Ryan Murphy is planning to put him in. Too bad we never got to see if his cool sanctuary was real or not.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse – FX

One fan question we can put to rest is that Joan Collins charavter in outpost 3 is entirely separate from her witch character Bubbles. Also, Billy Eichner’s Brock and Evan Peter’s Gallant are entirely separate from their tech billionaire roles. What we can’t answer in a satisfying manner is who was in the rubber suit in Oupost 3 that har sex with Evan Peters. Cody Fern clarified it was NOT Michael, but it doesn’t make sense to be Tate, either– the roundabout explanation is that it was simply the evil spirit of rubber man that had possesed Tate, and others. This can be interpreted as the spiritual personification of darkness from Murder House, which if it followed with Michael would explain why Madison and Behold never crossed paths with him on their trip to Murder House.

We aren’t shocked that the season finale failed to address all of the outstanding questions we had for the season, and we think there may be hints to the next season hidden in those unanswered questions. One that a lot of people are throwing around is that Timothy and Emily’s inclusion in the bunker is more than just the final review that their pairing could create an antichrist. If the cooperative already had Michael, what would they need an evil adam and eve for? Maybe their is more to their story and an Apocalypse 2.0 will come off of the heels of that finale– except they’d need to find new opposition as a reuse of coven would be a little too on the nose.

An unusued monster from a red herring promo for American Horror Story Season 6 by FX

We find that less likely, and our attention splits to two places. One to another unanswered question: what were those canker pus monsters that robo-mead fed the horses to? The entire scene gave us Wayward Pines flashbacks and that’s what we’re focusing in on! The series hasn’t really tackled a Man vs. Nature situation, and not done much in the way of monsters for that matter [though they have the ideas–remember the above image from a batch of fake promotional materials from the ubdisclosed theme of season 6? It even makes alien clicking noises!], and while not exactly the same as what was hinted at in Apocalypse we think it is a good potential plot. Picture it (Sicily 1922): a plane full of AHS regulars goes down in the woods in remote Appalachia and what starts as a Gary Paulsen-esque story of simple survival but leads to a slow burn horror of mistrust and insanity and an exploration into Wendigos and american folklore.

What’s more likely is what has been hinted at multiple times throughout Apocalypse, as the good people at Popsugar point out, which became such a powerful theory it became entangled in bothof their top guesses for the next season in their article here. ALIENS. We haven’t had the aliens introduced in Asylum mentioned since season 2. Now that we’ve had a season tie back to seasons 1 and 3, it feels like 2 is getting snubbed. While we doubt it would go full space themed, it coupd be an area 51 situation like Popsugar’s theory suggests, or even more americana it could be crop circles and a small farming community driven insane.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse – FX

If we focus more on the hyper inclusion of the mechanical Ms. Mead and tthe 2001: A Space Odyssey reference our only other theory is a type of robot uprising, but that offers less chances of psychological thrillings that the series is known for and would call for more Michael Bay-like action sequences they tend to avoid. So we are sticking with wilderness ot aliens for our official guesses, but I’m sure they will come out of left field and surprise us. We will be here happily waiting, and probably binge rewatching Apocalypse when it finally drops on Netflix (whenever that is).