In the 20 episodes of Scorpion we’ve had this season, I’d put Ticker in the top 10 (a list which I seriously cannot wait to make). While it didn’t have huge ship moments that we’re used to, the PLOT actually made a lot of sense (for the most part). I really enjoyed this story and it kept me engaged that whole time. Could it be that it involved saving a child, as was the case in my all time favorite Scorpion episode 1×12 Dominos? Well it certainly did have a very similar style. I know that a lot of people would be disappointed by the lack of ship moments, but trust me, there is a way to do both.

So the basic plot of this episode was that all the donated blood from the blood bank in LA was intentionally tainted. Apparently someone used a special computer code to change the bar code numbers on the bags of blood, thus switching which bags went to hospitals and which went to testing labs. No bags of blood should be used, so all surgeries would have to be postponed…which wouldn’t be so bad except that earlier that day Walter met a young girl, Olivia, who was supposed to go an urgent heart transplant. Sitting back and waiting for the mess to be sorted or fresh new blood to come in wasn’t going to work — this girl didn’t have the time. Walter offered to donate blood to her, but the doctors said she had a very rare blood type that actually didn’t take Type O. Well crap. Now it’s time for Team Scorpion to kick it into high gear.

Walter determines that if they can solve the computer code that caused the mix up, they can determine which bags of blood were safe to use. They manage to figure out who the culprit is, and this guy is seriously awful. He poisoned a bunch of blood just so that people would buy the drug that he developed to cure it. Ya, this guy is a real asshole. So finally, FINALLY, finally Toby got to work his master behaviorist skills to guess the six digit code the man used to change the bar code numbers. Come to think of it, Toby did a lot in this episode. Episode MVP goes to Dr. Tobias Curtis! Now, if this dude was smart, he would have gone with a totally random six digit code, but he ended up picking something meaningful to him and Team Scorpion was able to decipher it.

The team was able to get the blood to Olivia in time, though they had to steal it from a moving truck (ya I’m not going to explain that one). All in all it was a really interesting plot with a lot of moving parts that worked better than just the usual ‘plan A fails horribly and they have to scramble to make up for it’. It did have a couple points where I thought the plot was stretching a bit (reference — the scene with Cabe and Sylvester in the shed), but overall I think they did a nice job with the action, suspense, and science.

They also introduced a new character, a hilarious lawyer by the name of Haywood Jahelpme Morris. Ya, let that one sink in. But actually this guy had me rolling with laughter and I can’t wait to see what they do with his character! I’m not exactly sure why they’ll be needing a lawyer, but I’m excited either way.

Overall this episode was pretty good. I’d give it a comfortable 7/10. With only 4 episodes left this season, I’m really excited to see how the Waige plot is fleshed out, as well as where Quintis stands going into hiatus. I think the next few episodes are going to be pretty intense and hopefully we’ll get some good moments out of it.

Next week Team Scorpion gets a cute newbie and Paige looks interested…how will Walt feel about this? Tune in with us to find out!