The older couple who are off by themselves, the ones that Nick seems enamored with for some reason, start the show. The lady is up reaching towards the door in the middle of the night. The husband looks over and wonders why she is out of bed, and he notices that she has passed and turned. He looks at her with despair and goes up to her, he just stands there and lets her come to him and towards his neck. You immediately wonder why he has given up, when they start to dance a bit, and it cuts to an end table where you see that she didn’t have her teeth in and couldn’t bite him. I won’t lie, I laughed a lot. I thought it was one of the funniest moments of the show, the good feelings didn’t last long when the guy pulled out a gun and blew both of their brains out. When they fell it knocked over the lamp which caught the cabin on fire.


The roof, the roof is on FIRE! Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

The town is trying to stop the fire, but they do not have the way to get water to the house quick enough, it ends up quickly becoming a lost cause. Jeremiah told them to just let it burn down and not waste the water, it is the right decision but people still had hard time hearing it. A short time later a quick little blurb over breakfast let’s everyone know that Nick is starting to come around about the ranch, but Luciana still doesn’t want to be apart of this and wants to go back to Mexico.

The odd couple ride again, Strand and Daniel are making their way back to the hotel that Strand insists that Ofelia is held up in. He knows for sure she is not their, but he used that as his escape route from Dante. Strand is stalling, while Daniel is seeing right through it all. Daniel has Strand plow through a pack of walkers in the car. Strand knowing that Daniel holds the gun has no choice as they press forward.

At the ranch, Alicia and Jake finally give into the flirting and engage in some “boom boom”, afterwards they do some talking, and get to know each other a little bit, Jake used to write, and he offers a book for Alicia to read, but she says she doesn’t have interest in things like that any more. It was pretty cold to be quite honest.

Troy, his 4 guards and Madison start the trip to try to locate the Alpha team and the helicopter. Shortly on the ride they notice a crashed bus of walkers convicts that could make it’s way to the ranch and be a problem. Troy and Madison agree that they should go and kill the walkers, one of the soldiers earlier questioned if Madison could hold her own so this is a great time to show that. Madison killed a walker, and seemed to get pinned between two, the hard ass soldier kills one with a bow and arrow, and instantly becomes a fan favorite because of his weapon, and Madison kills the other walker by stabbing something in it’s eye, which is starting to look like a common theme with her. Troy asked how long that took and one of his men said it was less than a minute, these guys seem to time everything.

We pick up with the group a short time later as they arrive where the helicopter should be……it has been moved to another location. One of the soldiers finds a bullet shell on the ground, the shell from guns they use and believe that someone got there first, that a shootout occurred and they had to have retreated to the outpost. The group hustles to get to the outpost now. When they arrive it is eerily quiet, no activity or people about, while casing the place one of the gets a smell of something, they head around the corner and see a large pile of burned, smoldering dead friends. In the distance someone is sitting on a chair on a large rock, the group makes it’s way closer to the man, a crow is eating at the back of his exposed head, the man is repeating sentences that don’t really make any sense. One soldier throws up from the scene, as Madison grabs a knife and sticks it in the man’s brain to kill him. Madison knows that this is a horrible situation and says they have to go, but someone tells them, “but you only just got here.”

The man, I think is named Walker, knows Troy. Walker says they were just defending their land, taking back what was rightfully their’s. Troy didn’t realize that the whole place was surrounded, knowing he was out numbered, out gunned and out positioned he had his men stand down. Walker wants them to all leave and abandon the ranch, he is going to take the guns, along with their shoes. Madison says they will need water to make it back to the ranch to deliver his message, Walker asks her name and says she joined a lost cause, she said it became her cause when they shot down the helicopter and in turn taking one of her own.

At the ranch, Nick started cleaning up the burned down house, scrubbing the walls trying to do something to make it use able again, or maybe it was just something to keep him occupied. Jeremiah came and said he has a barn that can be done after this one. They talked and bonded a bit, Jeremiah knows that his mother wants to stay, but his lady wants to leave putting him in quite a pickle. Nick got Jeremiah to tell him what got him to give up his nasty drinking habit, he said he was hunting one day, and damn near blew his dick off. Another rare laugh out loud moment in a show with the dead. Nick kept at it and setup a candlelit dinner under the stars in the burned down house, because you know, no roof. Nick talking about how this place might be a place for them, you could see the reaction on Luciana’s face that she was a goner. Sure enough, in the morning he awoke to a note as she took some supplies, and a machete and we see her at some point evaluating the wall into Mexico for a place to get over.

At the hotel, Strand and Daniel arrive, the gate is open, no guards, no lookouts, no lights, Strand knows this place has been lost. Daniel knows inside this wasn’t going to work out, but playing like Ofelia might need him, he goes inside and rings the bell of the hotel, alerting all the walkers inside, he puts the gun on Strand and he starts spilling his guts, how Ofelia stole a vehicle and left Alicia for dead, and how she might be alive but she could be anywhere but he doesn’t know. Daniel leaves Strand to fend off the walkers by himself, he takes the car and leaves, Strand is able to break free from the pack and runs off the opposite direction.

Troy is pushing his group hard to get back to the ranch before Walker and his people do. However the group is very sluggish and in pain without shoes. Madison tries to talk to Troy, and playing the card on how he has mom issues, and she makes a play to ask how many people want to take a rest undermining Troy’s leadership. Everyone agrees they want to take a rest, Troy reluctantly agrees, but says he is the only one who knows how to get back and he will leave without them in the morning if they don’t get up on his time. While everyone was laying down Troy pounced on Clarke at knife point, she told him he is better than this, and he got off of her and left. One of the soldiers saw the entire thing, and when Madison looked at him he just rolled over and looked the other way. The next morning, Troy is at the lead of the pack by himself until Madison comes up and joins him pushing back to the ranch.

The last couple tidbits are at the ranch, Alicia, who lately has had a good go of it, with doing drugs at the bible study, to having a sexual encounter with Jake, jumps off of a cliff! We all had a heart skip the beat moment, until we see her jumping into a big body of water, you know for a little swim, because why not? In addition to that, Jeremiah gives Nick a nice clean gun, could this be his Rick Grimes moment? I for one hope so!