Daredevil 309 2

Nadeem’s world being turned upside down. Photo is a direct screenshot from Daredevil Season 3, Episode 9 “Revelations.”

**Please note that this review contains spoilers for “Revelations” and any episodes that occur prior**

“The tax is now 25%.”

How’s that for a surprise? Nadeem’s entire world was flipped upside down. Just when he thought he could trust someone, his boss goes and shoots Nadeem’s one way out and frames him for the murder. Talk about a bad day. I probably should have seen it coming, but honestly it caught me by surprise. Nadeem’s reaction in the moment was fantastic, and his realization on just how screwed he was hit hard. How can he possibly fight back now?

While Nadeem was having a bad day, Dex was enjoying life. Reinstated back into the FBI and essentially freed from his self-imposed leash, Dex was having a field day. I’m not sure that his smug grin ever left his face in this episode–especially when it came to filling Nadeem in on all of the corrupt secrets that have been going on. Most of the episode was extremely chilling, particularly when it came to seeing it through Nadeem’s eyes. Dex’s jubilance helped make it even more so.

Daredevil 309 3

Kingpin taking over the crime lord, with Daredevil at his side. Photo is a direct screenshot from Daredevil Season 3, Episode 9 “Revelations.”

Dex wasn’t the only one having a successful time. Kingpin was finally getting some more open freedom. Having dug his claws into the system even deeper, and essentially having no one to hide from, he was able to openly pursue his business plans. This led to a fantastic scene where he negotiated pay and trade with other crime bosses in the city. If you needed a reminder that Kingpin is to be feared, well this scene certainly gave you one. It was rather heartbreaking to see Nadeem have to witness everything go down and be powerless to stop any of it (unless he wanted to die on the spot of course).

Kingpin’s new freedoms also allowed him to apply further pressure to those that threaten his reign. For example, we learned that he has something on Foggy’s entire family—something that could send most of them to jail and into debt. Kingpin also actively had men out searching for Karen. After their showdown last episode, you can’t really expect Fisk to not act. This led to Karen interacting with Sister Maggie in a really nice scene. Though the moment Maggie offered up the church as Karen’s refuge, I immediately knew that might not be the smartest of plans. Somehow, I don’t think Matt’s old church will be the safe haven Maggie expects.

Daredevil 309 1

Maggie as she is led astray from her vows. Photo is a direct screenshot from Daredevil Season 3, Episode 9 “Revelations.”

Speaking of Maggie, we got some great backstory on what led her to leave Matt as a child. The answer, while tragic, is a simple one: postpartum depression. Straying away from her Nun vows led her into the arms of Jack Murdock. After becoming pregnant and having Matt, we learned that she was unable to process and deal with her child—leading Jack to get the church to take Maggie back in. It was quite sad to witness what Maggie went though, and how that extreme guilt still weighs heavily on her. When it comes to Matt’s reaction to this reveal—well, we didn’t get much. But I am very much looking forward to their further interactions.

“Revelations” gave us a fantastic episode that gave an air of hopelessness to the proceedings. With Nadeem’s life flipped upside down and thrown into a blender, and Kingpin’s widening freedom, things are not looking good. Kingpin has the upper hand in nearly every single area. That will make it all the more thrilling when (hopefully) our heroes take Fisk down. As for Matt…well he clearly isn’t taking the news of Maggie very well.  Though i’m sure when the time comes, he’ll realize why things happened the way they did. 


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