Its that time of year again. We were given another powerful Thanksgiving special with the whole Belcher family titled “I Bob your Pardon”.

Bob's Burgers (I Bob your Pardon 2)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

Long standing fans of Bob’s Burgers know that Thanksgiving is Bob’s favorite holiday so these special episodes usually provide a fun addition to the holidays as they are usually over the top. In this particular segment, the Belcher family convene together to prepare for their attendance to a new event the city government has organized. Many of us are familiar with the term turkey pardoning, this is an event where one turkey is selected to be spared from the Thanksgiving festivities and is allowed to live in peace. Well (you guessed it) this episode was about a turkeys pardoning gone wrong and all the events leading up to its safety. Drew P. Neck (the name of our turkey friend) was set to be pardoned in the cities first ever turkey pardoning and sent to live on a sanctuary. Unfortunately the deputy mayor had other plans.

Bob's Burgers (I Bob your Pardon 3)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

Due to some political negligence, the deputy mayor selected a sanctuary that could not take the bird so his solution was to have Drew P. Neck sent to a slaughter house by Marsha (an assistant of sorts at city hall). The Belcher children over hear this and don’t approve of what is happening so they seek the help of the media and their parents. Bob, like the journalist previously approached, is hesitant at first to intervene but soon learns his kids were telling the truth when he over hears Marsha on the phone. In the time it took him to hear the conversation and return to his car, Bob’s family had stolen the turkey from Marsha’s car and implored him to drive off. This resulted in a high speed chase on the freeway leading them to a wooded area. The family decides to release Drew P. Neck into the wild but are soon alarmed when they hear coyotes. In order to avoid spoilers, lets just say in a match with Louise vs Coyotes, Louise would win.

Bob's Burgers (I Bob your Pardon Feature)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

Finally, the family comes to the conclusion of where the perfect place to leave this helpless bird would be. We are brought back to the farm with the two butted goat (as seen in a previous episode) where the Belchers hope to make Drew a home. Upon their approach to the barn, the deputy mayor steps in front of their car. He then states that any evidence obtained by the media was illegally obtained and the farmer isn’t there at the moment. With his deconstruction of the rescue completed, he tells Marsha to take back the bird and prepare to send him to the slaughter. Marsha doesn’t take a few steps before Bob pleads with her to reconsider her actions. He states that its important for people to keep their promises no matter who it is towards because it the right  thing to do. After some consideration (what with her job being intolerable and keeping her away from her family on an important holiday), Marsha decides she doesn’t want to be apart of the political machine, releases the bird and quits her job. In a twist, the deputy mayor was lying and the farmer was present (just lost in the corn maze). The kids convince him to take in the turkey and cut to thanksgiving dinner with the Belchers.

Above I have a picture of Bob in a cranberry bog and if for no other reason, watch this episode just for that scene (which was the best in the episode). These Thanksgiving specials are always interesting on Bob’s Burgers so I was happy that they did not fail this year. Despite the whole family being present, some characters were more involved then others. I also wanted to add that there were a few things here and there that didn’t make sense in terms on continuity but weren’t so devastating to the point the episode greatly suffered. Furthermore, I wanted to avoid a few details for the sake of spoilers so know that there are several pieces that really brought everything together. While I wouldn’t say this tops any holiday charts for me, I still think its worth a watch for those looking to jazz up their holiday spirits with some specials.

Happy Holidays everyone and thank you for reading. Be sure to like and leave a comment with what you thought of the episode. Thank you once again and stay nerdy.