Hello and welcome my fellow Good Doctor lovers! Sadly, this is the end of the season. And it is a heart clencher. I cannot wait until next season, and hope to see you all there.

We start the episode with Shaun trying to re-connect with Dr. Glassman. Since Kenny, Shaun’s room mate, seems to be abusing their friendship, Shaun is trying to find a friend. Sadly, Glassman has a brain tumor. He has 12 to 18 months to live. Shaun is clearly shaken, and asking for a second opinion.  He also loses his scalpel, his lifeline of sorts. Symbolic, if you ask me.

gd 18.3

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Unlike most episodes, this one only has one patient, which is nice. Gives the show a lot of space to really focus on Glassman and Shaun’s relationship. The patient, a young man named Caden, is severely drunk, and has a very badly broken ankle. One thing I can’t handle is ankle injuries. As a kid, I grew up with a lot of ankle injuries, mostly sprains but one fracture. Took 3 days of the crutches before I began hopping around like a kangaroo. Anyways, the patient, named Caden, goes into corrective surgery for his ankle, but his blood pressure begins to crash and they abort the surgery. Park’s strategy leads him to find out the kid was a pledge in college, and his challenge was to eat laundry detergent. They cut him open, repairing damaged parts in the intestine, and then Melendez steps away, leaving Shaun to stitch him closed.

Caden is not getting better, and Morgan blames Shaun, though everyone is against the idea. Even when he had a gun pulled on him, he still was rock solid in the OR. Melendez brushes off the idea, but speaks with Glassman, finding out he has a brain tumor. What I love about the series is it doesn’t explain every turn what is going on. They state the issue clearly in a medical term, and the other doctors understand it. Small detail, but beautiful.

gd 18.5

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Shaun approaches Jessica, who we know has a deep connection to Glassman. He flat out asks her to manipulate Glassman into getting another test, imaging. Turns out the initial diagnosis was wrong- he really has just 3 or 4 month. Shaun tries to prove there is an error and Glassman yells at him. Aaron admits he wants to just enjoy his time and have fun. Glassman reflects on Maddie more. Remembers the yearly dances. Shaun explains he lost his scapel, the one Steve game him. Asks if memories of Maddie is enough. Glassman says “Not even close”. I hold my dog closer.

gd 18.2

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Reflecting, Shaun realizes he made an error while sewing Caden up, causing a rupture and caused a pseudoaneurysm. We also see the group talking about the correct action following Shaun’s error. Jared even is willing to claim he was the one at fault. But, Shaun realizes a way to help Caden, by doing a graft on the aorta. Morgan admits it is a brilliant idea, but still doesn’t trust Shaun. It works, though, and Caden lives. Shaun also realizes they can do a biopsy of Glassman’s brain tumor by entering through the nasal cavity. Glassman tries it, and it turns out the tumor is not as aggressive as first assumed. In fact, there still hope, he just has to go through treatment.

gd 18.1

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Shaun wants to approach Dr. Andrews to explain his mistake, even though everyone has worked hard to protect him. It’s honorable, and the write thing to do. All through the episode, we see Andrews flitting around, asking about Shaun and Dr. Glassman, almost like he is looking for a mistake. The problem is I think the writers are smarter- I think Andrews will officially accept Shaun for what he can do, not try to get him fired. Final scene is Glassman and Shaun entering Andrews’ office. We also see Melendez dishing out some hard love, telling Morgan she will kill someone. Claire has had 2 patients die on her, as well as a suicide patient. She was calm and peaceful, during the last passing, and Morgan had to walk away. I wonder if she can grow anymore….

And that’s the end of the season. I am so honored to have been a part of this series, and cannot wait until next season. Until next time, stay shiny!


Hello and welcome! This will be the last one for a little while. So, lets focus on the brain. Like always, my info is from 10+ year old knowledge, and the internet. I make mistakes, but only try to learn.

Inoperable Glioma is thrown around quite a bit in this episode, but what is it, exactly? It is a tumor that grows in the brain or spine, and the placement is either too deep or too wrapped around a certain area that makes it inoperable. In the episode, too many arteries flow by the tumor, making surgery impossible. Cancer cells will always spread, unless the original made, or it is benign. They give him 12 months before the tumor is too big and will kill him.

Glioblastoma is what they think he has during the second imaging. It is a Glioma, but super aggressive, and tend to be resilient to conventional medication like chemo. It also spreads faster, which is why he is given 1/4th of his previous prognosis.

Low grade glioma is the final prognosis, with a biopsy to confirm. It is also the best, as the cancer spreads the slowest, making the treatment more successful. The man was given hope to treatment, and I hope it goes well.

Every one of the cancers mentioned are all possible, but Low Grade is most common, thankfully. But, the problem with cancer cells in the brain is the fact it will push up on other parts, disrupting normal brain functions. Sometimes people forget the right word. Sometimes they forget who they are. My grandmother passed away from brain cancer, which had started in her lungs. The reason Shaun mentioned other tumors is yes, it can spread, but they are all the same cancer, just in different area, so a biopsy of a tumor which is reachable, like a lung, can tell the doctors what type of cancer they are dealing with. I remember how she asked me to play this song, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and by the end of the song, forgot she asked, so asked again. 3 hours I played the song, and have yet to hear it again.

Hopefully the next season is full of chemo treatments and Shaun and Glassman becoming friends. Until next season, stay shiny!