The Walking Dead is on high alert lately, and this weeks episode titled Stradivarius, whatever that means, doesn’t give you any chance to breath as we see Rosita running around alone in the forest. She has blood on her head, you can see she is out of water and dehydrated, and that she can hear the voices of the walkers. She ends up passed out facing the camera as we cut to the opening credits. The big question is where is Eugene?!

The escort begins with Magna’s group, first to the place they said they were last to see if their whole story checks out. If so they will be off to the Hilltop. Michonne admits to Siddiq that she does like this new group but doesn’t trust them. At the Hilltop it’s time for a good old fashion montage, the Hilltop is doing good, people are working in the fields, on metal, all over the place. It appears that Tara is now the second in charge, and that is because Jesus is the face that runs the place now. Jesus reads a letter from Maggie that was delivered by the twins today saying that everything is great, she is with Georgie helping setup a new community. It’s pretty sad actually how the potential long term write off of Maggie is done in such a throw away fashion I think. Jesus refused to move into Maggie’s office even after Tara tells him he won re-election today. Jesus still thinks it’s a temporary job.

Daryl and Carol do a little catching up, Daryl has been in the woods for a very long time, Carol says he has been out longer then she anticipated, and she wants him to help keep an eye on Henry at the Hilltop for her. Daryl doesn’t want to be a babysitter and says he has to learn just like everyone else did about the world. The both have a point, Carol likes Henry’s view of the world and doesn’t want it to change, but Daryl is also sort of right that he has to learn, but they should be help Henry by teaching him about their mistakes and experiences.


Sorry I would have cleaned up if I knew I was having visitors. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Magna’s groups story does check out! The crash was where they said it was, supplies everywhere, bodies pinned under the truck, their is a lot of tracks though and Magna and company say that the herd must have happened after the fact because it wasn’t like that before. They kill their remaining friends as walkers, and ‘D’ takes all of their weapons. Michonne says she wanted to check that the story was right and it was. So the others will escort them to Hilltop as she will go back home. Magna is upset that they don’t get weapons and are being sent to a place Michonne hasn’t been to in years and won’t go with them. I would be pissed too Michonne has lost something.

Prepare your ships! Jesus and Aaron have been meeting in the forest for awhile now, practicing fighting, and sharing updates and eating lunch. Aaron attacks and gets Jesus off his horse which legit scared m when it happened, he was like a jungle cat! After they spare for a bit, and Aaron gets a solid connection, they sit down and talk. They talk about how Michonne would be mad if she knew how far Aaron went out, and how people are noticing Jesus gone, and that the fair is important to get everyone back together. Aaron says that Michonne isn’t even aware that Maggie has left when they see a flare in the distance. The two track down the area of the flare and find Rosita pretty banged up. Aaron asks her where Eugene is because he saw them leave together and she say she left him in a barn. The Walkers are coming and Jesus says it’s dark soon they have to hope he is safe until tomorrow.

Back at club Dixon, Carol asks if he is still looking and he has to let it go. Daryl says that they have never found the body ever! So you know in some way Daryl is still looking for Rick. That huuuuurts. At night the dog is captured in a snare trap on it’s patrols. Daryl stupidly tries to save the dog before killing walkers and gets himself trapped. Henry disobeys Daryl and helps save him and the dog. Daryl was a bit upset about it, all the while Carol was watching with a bow and arrow at the ready to protect them both. Henry asks Daryl to not tell his mom about the exchange.

Back at camp Daryl also has the same x on his back that we saw with Michonne. So what’s the story there? I am unsure it looks like Daryl has two x’s and another set of marks. I’m curious who else has these and what they mean. At the campfire Henry and Daryl have a man to man talk. Henry tells him that mom always says that Daryl was her best friend, and always had her back. She misses him, he has to see that. Daryl says that she knows where to find me, and Henry tells him that she shouldn’t have to. Daryl looks over at Henry and says, is that what you want? Me looking over your shoulder all the time? Henry, in a very grownup way of thinking tells Daryl that isn’t not about what I want. You can see a real understanding and bonding moment here and I think the first time Daryl actually considers going.


Before heading to Hilltop Michonne and company find a place to sleep for the night, inside Luke is playing with an instrument in secrecy, Michonne hears the noise and goes to investigate and asks him to turn around slowly and drop it. He refuses and she slices the instrument in half with our sword(we don’t see this until after it’s over what he had). They all tell stories and bond, talk about the past and adventures and such. Siddiq tells Michonne that Maggie is gone when someone yells out that walkers are coming. Michonne leads the pack to try to kill the walkers and refuses to give the others weapons. Very quickly Michonne realizes they need help so she tells D to give them their weapons. Walkers are heading towards the horses and Yumiko is a great shot and is able to destroy a small structure to stop a large portion of them. The group seems pretty strong, minus Luke who just used diversions and doors to escape walkers. Michonne says this is the same herd that ran through Magna’s group by a walker wearing a wild shirt. Michonne peacefully kills the walker as Magna and others lose it. Siddiq tells the others it’s time to go as walkers are still hot on the trail.

On the trip Siddiq tells Michonne that he made a promise to someone to not say anything and he didn’t, but she is helping Georgie with a new community and that is all that he knows. He says that means she can go to Hilltop and she says she made a promise to someone, and he says but what about her promise to Carl? Siddiq bringing the fire! Two armed guards come down the path from Hilltop and tell the group that they have a message for Alexandria, that Rosita is hurt and at Hilltop. Michonne tells the guards to tell them at Alexandria that Michonne and others are headed towards the Hilltop.

At Hilltop Daryl, Carol and Henry arrive, Henry is asking about Enid because he has a crush. Aaron comes to see Daryl hearing a bike, Daryl is happy to see him and asks if something is going on if he is out there. Aaron tells him about Rosita, how she was found and is recovering and Eugene is still out there. How they could use a good tracker and Daryl says yes of course. Jesus tells Tara he knows the area and can go, and Tara can stay and lead in his place. We have one great crew looking for Eugene as Daryl on bike, dog, Aaron and Jesus on horses as they all leave Hilltop.