The Walking Dead is going through a whole slew of changes, some are sad, some are good, but above all it will all be interesting. We will go much more in depth to things later, but to give some cliff notes on what is going on

1.) Season 10 Finale will air Sunday October 4th
2.) Season 10 will have 6 additional episodes starting early next year.
3.) Season 11 will have an extended 24 episode season up from the usual 16 episodes.
4.) Season 11 will be the conclusion of the flagship show.
5.) Daryl and Carol have already been green lit for a spin off show.
6.) AMC is working on something called “Tales of the Walking Dead”, this is believed to be stand alone episodes or small arc stories. Including all sorts of characters, past, present and future.
7.) The premiere of The Walking Dead: World Beyond premiers October 4th after the Walking Dead season finale.
8.) Part of season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead starts airing on October 11th

No immediate updates to the Rick Grimes movies and how all this might play into that. More information and feedback to come with predictions.