“That’s weird. Dogs usually love me.”

Supergirl has a reason to be confused because she’s never encountered an alien-sniffing dog before.

Lena is studying haranel treatments against cancer tumors growing onto human heart samples. She’s looking to see if these treatments will cure cancer entirely. It seems to have taken a toll on her, in the same way, that her studying Sam and her connection to Reign did last season. But results seem promising, as a later sample is rendered invincible thanks to the haranel.

The Colonel is back at it with the strict rules. She’s upset that Supergirl went to investigate the alien attack by the Children of Liberty. Colonel Haley refuses to allow the DEO to look into the Manifesto. In the same breath, the Colonel reminds Alex and Kara of a sweet potato pie she made for Thanksgiving.


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Brainy blurts out the fact that he will continue the investigation into the Manifesto. Subtlety isn’t his strong suit.

Ben Lockwood’s remarks against aliens lauded him in the news, rightfully grouping him into the Children’s rhetoric. James reveals he’s going to meet with the Children of Liberty on the same day that Lena booked him to speak against the group on television.

Children of Liberty have released their Manifesto insinuating that a human-centered Earth is all they need. They’re claiming Guardian as a human hero of theirs, but James refuses to denounce them as a group. Also, undisclosed locations with unknown consequences are dangerous James. But the reporter in him wants to continue with the sketchy meetup.

Manchester Black is one scary dude. He’s seen casually torturing Petrecelli inside his bathroom after dismissing J’onn. But the very same invitation prevents him from injuring the patrolman further, in favor of joining the Friendsgiving.

Nia has narcolepsy. Kara and James are concerned, but she reminds them she’s fine. Kara and Nia set off to prepare for the roundtable gig together, where Kara eventually has to confront Ben Lockwood face-to-face.

Agent Liberty himself. Yikes. And he managed to spin it to imply aliens will look back on their attacking humans. Of course, that later wins Ben a full show on the channel which aired the Conservative Report.

It seems that not only do the dogs sniff out alien houses, but they also allow Tom and others to mark up alien family’s doors with “A”s so that the patrolmen know where to attack at sunset.

Seeing Brainy beat up the Liberty thugs has to be the most entertaining part of the entire episode. He did a good job removing some of the “A” markers on the buildings as well.

“Alex, there’s a dragon on Main Street.”

“That’s what I get for making a Harry Potter reference.”

Spike the dragon facing off, fire versus Supergirl’s freeze breath, was something epic. I’m happy she didn’t lose rapport with dragons, especially those who protected their alien families from being mugged by the Children of Liberty.

Ending scenes: Manchester gets more info and closes the door again – is Manchester going to kill Petreceli, or simply maim his face with more tools?? James thinks he’s meeting with the big dog, Agent Liberty, and is ambushed and placed inside a van. Lena is moving into a new stage of a haranel protocol, requiring a human subject. It’s going to get good!

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