Source: White_Diamond – YouTube – TGON – Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

I can’t breathe correctly. Steven Universe episodes return December 17th, at 7:30 eastern/6:30 central.

The promo released today gave viewers a glimpse into what the 6-week batch of episodes will have in store. With the Crystal Gems on Homeworld, it seems everyone will now have to play by the book or face White Diamond’s response.

We catch glimpses of Steven as he speaks with Pearl, trying to figure out just how to operate as Pink Diamond on Homeworld. She has to carry his items for him as his servant, seeing as that’s the role other Pearls play on Homeworld.

Garnet is patronized by Blue Diamond for her choice of name, seeing as her fusion isn’t encompassed by gems which make up Garnets on Homeworld. Garnet is not happy with this.

We witness the Throne room, with White Diamond’s seat hovering above the rest. During a meeting with Steven, Yellow and Blue seem to be waiting for White Diamond’s arrival. Presumably, they all want to discuss how to heal corruption of gems on Earth.

But it appears that the meeting doesn’t go as planned, as Steven could have returned to Pink’s palace looking forlorn, and missing everyone else sequestered on Homeworld.

All in all, I’m so thrilled to see hints of what the new batch of episodes has to show us fans in December. As much as I’d hate to rush time along towards the end of the year, I desperately want to consume this content sooner rather than later.

For now, they are the Crystal Gems, on Homeworld. Let that sink in.