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The Last Man on Earth 4×16: “The Blob” Review

Mike tries to figure out what the Blob is.

le blob.png
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Tandy wants to sing karaoke with his wife. At first, she doesn’t sing at all because she’s distracted by the beautiful word highlighting. Next, she sings Can’t Fight This Feeling to the tune of Jingle Bells. Not exactly what Tandy had in mind. She thinks it wouldn’t be as fun to its own tune, and also complains that it’s out of her register. Tandy misses Mike, who hasn’t left his truck since he found the massive blob.

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Todd paints the nursery yellow without first consulting Erica. Erica would prefer they paint it blue, even though they don’t know what the gender will be. Erica decides that their solution should be the mix of the two colors — green. Todd isn’t happy with the compromise, but tries to agree. (Excuse me, Todd, but green is the best color.)

todd painting
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Running low on supplies, Carol makes ‘fake-amole’ (made of oatmeal, brown rice, and green food coloring) with dry pasta ‘chips.’ Gail and Melissa were supposed to go on the last supply run, according to the chore wheel. The rest of the group pressures the girls to agree to do their part. Mike comes in and Tandy asks about his blobs. He tells them about the thermal imaging. He describes it as a metal detector for heat. Mike says the typical volcano is 1,600°F, but he found a large blob that is 100°F, which, he comments, is notable because humans run at about 98°F. He says that he’s leaving tomorrow to check it out.

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Tandy tries to talk Mike into staying, saying it’s too dangerous to go alone. Mike, of course, invites his brother to join him on his trip, but Tandy says he can’t leave pregnant Carol and their babies. Tandy makes Mike promise he won’t go.

Carol shows Gail and Melissa a map of all of the stores they’ve already scavenged, and gestures for them to go northeast of the map. Gail and Melissa go to the woods to pass time and pretend they’re out at stores.

carols map
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Mike sneaks out to his truck at nighttime, but flashlight reveals that Tandy is lying in front of his truck with his head ready to be squashed by the tires. Mike and Tandy yell back and forth at each other. Tandy tells his brother to run him over and kill him, and Mike gets in the truck and starts it, saying that he will. After a while, Mike shuts the truck off, giving up.

tandy under truck
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In the morning, Mike catches Tandy ‘cleaning the fireplace.’ Really, Tandy is hiding Mike’s keys. Mike asks Tandy if he’s seen his keys, but Tandy just shrugs. Mike thanks his brother for talking sense into him, and asks if he wants to ‘dick around,’ but Tandy declines.

tandy hiding keys
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Gail and Melissa storm into the house, enraged. They say that they brought supplies back yesterday, and filled the pantry while everyone was asleep, but that someone took all of their stuff and hid it. Erica doesn’t buy the story, and Todd starts crying. He says he feels like he’s being lied to, and that Erica needed those supplies feed the baby she’s growing. Once the liars are out of the room, he makes it clear to Erica that he was just calling out Gail and Melissa and making them feel guilty so they’d actually do the job they’re responsible for.

gail and melissa lie
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Mike runs around in a giant inflatable ball, knocking down mannequins like bowling pins. Tandy sees this and the two end up enjoying an afternoon together, playing this game.

mannequin bowling
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Tandy sees his brother getting the keys from the fireplace. Tandy asks his brother why he’s always so quick to leave him. Tandy thinks Mike doesn’t like him, and Mike agrees that it’s hard to be around him. Mike didn’t mean it the way Tandy thinks, however. Mike admits that he’s jealous of Tandy’s life.

mike finds keys
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The next day, Tandy waits in front of Mike’s truck. Mike comes out of the house with his bags and sees his brother. Tandy says he just wanted to give him something before Mike leaves. He picks up his own bags and says he’s giving Mike himself, aka Tandy is going with Mike. Carol agreed with Tandy accompanying his brother, but has Mike shave the rest of Tandy’s head (aside from leaving a rat tail) and use the hair on a mannequin so that the twins think their dad is still home.

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As a kind gesture and apology, Erica continues to paint the nursery yellow. Todd walks in with a can of blue paint, also deciding to compromise. Erica suggests they finish the yellow walls, and do the trim in blue.

erica paints
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Tandy offers his brother half a bottle of ‘lemonade.’ It’s clearly urine, so Mike declines, but doesn’t call his brother out. Before hitting the road, Mike hits play on the karaoke machine that he brought with them, and the two sing Can’t Fight This Feeling.

urine lemonade
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Todd tries to hammer a nail into the wall to hang a picture, but the hammer makes a hole in the wall revealing a mummified body.

body in wall
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