The summer television desert creeps toward its bitter end, and as it does one show continues to pull viewers through the sultry season and keep them on the couch instead of buying fall beers that are out MUCH too early – Preacher. Season three brings sexy back to Southern Gothic drama and keeps us all from going outside to enjoy the light in this last waning days.

In season three, episode seven, “Hitler,” the episode begins with a sort of charming depiction of Hitler escaped from Hell, working in a sub shop. Beloved by all, Hitler suddenly finds himself enraged and giving a very Hitler-like speech that turns the tide of his co-workers against him and alerts The Saint of Killers to his presence. He is captured, though he does not going willingly into this good night.

Elsewhere Madame Boyd’s funeral in the form of a water / viking inspired ceremony takes place at Angelville and Cassidy does his best to let his vampy friends know that he isn’t going to play their bloody reindeer games. He refuses both coffin and a willing source of blood in favor of his own proclivities and so the song remains the same.

Negotiations take place between Her Starr and Gran’ma for Jesse’s soul, for which she requests a supply of souls to keep her going; predictably. All offers made to the contrary seem like a waste of time since we know souls are the family business. There are fights, negotiations for souls in a Chinese warehouse, and vampire hunting while Tulip and Featherstone fight in the kitchen. In short order, they are on a mission together because that is absolutely what has to happen next.

Cassidy gives into peer pressure, and its weird. Tulip is filled with self-doubt about her ability to help Jesse and that is weird too. I want them to be a team again making moves and being cool, but all of the anxieties and identity crises that are taking place are at least aligned well as Jesse fights for the source of his power. There’s more fighting and kissing and crying and even people turning into animals. The surprise ending comes before you know it, and I was admittedly surprised.

In season three, episode eight, Jesse is just where we left him, facing off with the Allfather and getting fancy in order to do it. There’s some shooting and the possibility that Jesse’s soul is up the Allfather’s ass (no!) before we what constitutes a nightmare in Gran’ma’s world. Gran’ma and Satan meet and make new deals for her soul that of course includes the souls of other unwilling participants and Jesse fights to keep Genesis.

Souls are stolen and vampires vamp some more, bringing others into their ranks and feeling fancy about it. Tulip, Featherstone, and Jody team up flying back to New Orleans only for Tulip to try and abandon Featherstone so she and Jody can proceed alone. Cassidy and Eccarius fight when Cass realizes that his unsung hero gets his powers from feeding on others and Hoover escapes while they try to sort one another out.

Humperdoo is given a genetic cocktail that makes him strong enough to have Genesis moved out of Jesse and into his own body, exercising his new power over everyone in the room. We find out that he is a clone when he is suddenly shot and the real Humperdoo enters, just as Hitler and some of his bus stop friends hang around, sending texts to friends that Hitler won’t be returning to the sub shop.

The Game of Nerds coverage of season three of Preacher started a little late this season so next week I’ll review episode 9 and 10 next week where we will finally be caught up with the really real world and for the season. Maybe then you’ll finally go outside again!