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Riverdale Season 3: Ep. 5 “The Great Escape”

Archie in a fight for his life? Only in this episode of Riverdale on the CW!

In episode 5, “The Great Escape”, Archie finds himself in a fight for his life! After trying and failing to escape from juvie with Joaqine and several others, Archie’s told by Warden Norton that his last fight is approaching. The Warden plans to get rid of him like he did Mad Dog, but not before branding Archie’s side with a symbol that looks a lot like the ruins in G&G!

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Meanwhile, Betty’s still trying to talk Jughead out of seeking the Gargoyle King, but Jughead’s set on completing the game. He begins creating a quest for the other players to complete in which they must save the “Red Paladin”.

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Veronica seeks help finding out what’s happening to Archie. She hit a dead-end with the Innocence Project, but she’s heard rumors of a fight club and finally finds a way in. Her first visit to the pool where the fights happen, she sees Archie. After winning his match, Veronica follows him to the locker room. It’s the first time they’ve seen each other in weeks and Archie doesn’t want to do much talking.

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Veronica approaches Betty and her other friends to ask for help. She wants to break Archie out of Juvie to save his life. Betty agrees, but can’t get Jughead to leave the game long enough to help, so she takes his bike.

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The day of the jail break, Archie’s prepping for his fight. In the locker room, Joaqine approaches him to talk. After planting a surprising kiss on Archie, Joaqine stabs him in the side. He tells Archie he’s sorry, but the Warden told him it’s the only way he could “ascend”.

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Veronica and her friends sneak into the fight club in disguises. They want to wait until the right moment, make a distraction and sneak Archie out through a drain in the pool. When Veronica sees Archie, she knows something’s wrong, but the only thing Archie can focus on is the other boy he’s being forced to fight, Mad Dog. When the time comes, Veronica and her friends throw smoke bombs into the pool to make a diversion. Archie tries to get Mad Dog to follow him into the drain, but he stays behind to hold off the guards.

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While Veronica’s saving Archie, Betty and Kevin are busy making the path clear for his escape. They pull the wires on the warden’s car and break the lock on the other end of the drain pipe so Archie can get out.

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Betty and Kevin lead the guards away from Archie on Jughead’s bike. Kevin covers his face so the guards believe Archie’s with her. Unfortunately, the guards surround them and when Kevin pulls off his helmet, they realize he is not Archie. The Warden threatens them, but Betty tells him if he doesn’t let them go, she will mace him.

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They make their way back to Dilton’s secret bunker and hide Archie from the Warden. They all make a pact that they won’t let anyone know they were involved in the break out or Archie’s whereabouts.

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What is going to happen to Archie’s future? Will he have to return to juvie and face the Warden? Or, will his friends find a way to rescue him and solve the puzzle of G&G? Stay tuned on TGON!

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