swear on this life

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Swear on This Life by Renée Carlino is one of those books that has a novel within the novel. In this story, Emiline is not yet the successful writer she would like to be. She writes short stories that are complete works of fiction, and everyone gives her the same feedback – “write what you know.” However, her past is too painful for her to delve into. One day, her roommate comes home with the new must-read best-seller, All the Roads Between by J. Colby. As soon as Emiline starts reading, she realizes that this book is her story. The author is her best and only friend from childhood, Jase, and he’s written the story of Emiline’s life from her point of view. Swear on This Life goes between Emiline’s struggles coping with her past coming up in this fashion, and chapters from All the Roads Between. The tales of their childhood are very heartbreaking. With barely functional single parent homes, all they had was each other. All the Roads Between ends at the end of “Emerson” and “Jax”’s lives. They spent their lives apart, miserable. When Emerson finally tracks Jax down, he’s dying of cancer, but they decide to make the most of the time they have left, and the two fictitious characters finally get married. Jase wrote this sad alternate ending to how their lives could go, and dedicates the book to Emiline at the end, “For my Em. Don’t wait this long. Come let me love you.”

Swear on This Life by Renée Carlino

Length: 320 pages

Favorite Quote: “We can’t always control our circumstances, who are parents are, where we live, or how much money we make, but in those rare moments when we can shape our fate, when we do have the power to make our own happiness, we can’t be too scared to do it.”

Ratings: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥