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Charmed’s Fifth Episode “Other Women” Broke Our Hearts With a Powerful Montage

We don’t know why other critics and fans wrote this show off without giving it a chance because it’s exceeded my expectations at every turn. This week was no exception, even though we wanted to have knee-jerk reaction at certain choices, like the use of time changing spells so early in the reboot or the hyper-focus on relationships, but then we remembered the show we signed up for and got past our own egos and enjoyed it for what it is. We highly suggest everyone do that and watch the reboot with fresh eyes because you’ll be much more pleasantly surprised.

To curb our annoyance with the show’s focus on relationships, we will admit that each one was prioritized and given a scaled amount of screen time in the best way. Maggie’s kissing of her sorority president’s boyfriend was the most back burner storyline, which worked because it was the least interesting. The writing can seem desperate at times with the over-focus on “millennial internet slang” (Cyberstalking, etc.) but it kept the other storylines from feeling too heavy and seeing Maggie grow in five episodes to take responsibility and owning her actions felt mildly authentic and we appreciated her arc for what it was.
Charmed – The CW
We stated last week that Macy and Galvin’s relationship developed too strongly too quickly and where floored when they introduced Summer, Galvin’s new super hot and enviously successful girlfriend. They really tackled the Charmed-trope that magic gets in the way of love, and Macy’s situation highlights how secrets and constantly needing to bail can destroy her “normal life.” Her relationship to Galvin is far more interesting than anything involving Kappa though, as they believe his new, perfect girlfriend summer is a succubus going after him because of his proximity to the Charmed Ones. The theory is fueled by Galvin acting weird and an obviously weird glowing mark Macy notices on him (plus Summer’s tramp stamp).
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It was hilarious and also cringe-worthy to see them try and vanquish an innocent woman as she looked at them like they were insane, but the episode left us with an open-ended line on Galvin’s glowing brand so we are happy with the show’s choices in that regard. It could possibly be related to the actual shapeshifter that is part of a new faction of evil that sauntered into their lives this episode. While not the same baddies as the one that has been killing the elder witches or assaulting their family the last 4 episodes, these ones are out to collect the blood of powerful witches for some mega-magic– and they were specifically after the DNA samples the now deceased Trip had collected. Those samples, as well as Trip’s insane (but accurate) conspiracy theory pegboard, were in his parent’scabin where Niko thinks to work for clues of foul play/her partner’s innocence at the same time as the demon.
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Cut to Niko getting attacked by the Shifter and almost engulfed in un-freezable hellfire, but still saved by Mel. Not able to catch a brake, the demon then tries to kill Niko while in the hospital, making him one of the more relentless shapeshifters in the series, but equally unsuccesful as all the rest as Mel is able to stop him (with a little help from Harry). They then take Niko to the manor for safe keeping, and Mel makes the most heartbreaking decision to cast a spell that would make it as if her and Niko never met. She does this to protect the woman she loves, and the show somehow made us tear up at a lovestory we’d only seen in passing for 5 episodes, but the staging was perfect and the song – Fading Out by Ivory Circle as heard here – just broke us. This show is giving everything and people need to watch and enjkoy it for what it is.
Charmed – The CW
Of course, a time changing spell has unforseen consequences and Mel quickly finds out how much they affected eachother’s lives — cyber stalking Niko shows she never found the confidence to ditch her fake glasses and, more importantly, Mel didn’t get her job at the women’s studies department. We aren’t excited to see what else the spell effected because it’s just saddening, but BIG SPOILER ALERT Ellen Tamaki is billed on IMDB for all 13 episodes so she wilk definitely come back and w ehave a sneaking suspicion they’ll pull the soulmates angle. We are tickled to see how she comes back and to (hopefully) watch them fall in love all over again. We’ll be here watching and eating it all up regardless.

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