Monday! Monday! Monday! Your favorite hash-smoking miscreants from Nova Scotia are back in town with a new comedy beast-feast for you to gobble up on Canadian Turkey Day! Take three Trailer Park Boys, add one dysfunctional TV network, stir in a bunch of illicit activity, and a healthy dose of profanity. Whaddya get? A combo platter of comedy entertainment that will spawn shipping containers of laughter. Welcome to Trailer Park Boys: The SwearNet Show.

Fire up the grill and get a donair into your word hole to celebrate as The Boys concoct the greatest Donair Turkey Feast you’ve ever seen! And, for this joyous occasion, Ricky’s installing new chandeliers in his trailer! Maybe he found them, and maybe he didn’t? Devour over 9 hours of episodes and fresh interstitials from the boys, including a hilarious sneak peek at Season 4 of The SwearNet Show! Watch the trailer here:

The Feast begins October 10th! Shout! Factory TV is bringing fans ten seasons of Trailer Park Boys: The SwearNet Show, with ten episodes each for a total of 100 episodes! Since August, a new season has launched every month on Shout! Factory TV. Episodes feature compilations of segments from, and brand new content from Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles will be released during this event and in future seasons!