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Superstore – Angels & Mermaids

Amy gets caught in the middle of a complex mother-daughter thing, Glenn & Dina adjust to their new relationship, & Jonah judges Kelly's beliefs. 
Superstore - Season 3
Evans Vestal Ward / NBC

Last week’s Superstore had Cheyenne’s mom’s first appearance, Dina & Marcus almost start something, Glenn almost loses his mind, & Jonah is hella judgmental – but like can we blame him?

Cheyenne & her mother

  • Cheyenne’s mom has been released from prison and rolls up to Cloud 9 trying to control and change her.
  • The first thing is she wants to throw a Green Day birthday party for little Harmonica
  • When Amy hears of this she immediately butts in, mentioning to Chey that kids aren’t super into Green Day & suggest she might prefer mermaids.
  • Cheyenne uses Amy for emotional support while confronting her mom about the party but takes it too far and says that she won’t listen to her about college because she’s an adult DAMN IT!
  • Later, Cheyenne’s mom & Amy are talking & bonding about how much they hate Bo.
  • Cheyenne’s mom then stages an intervention for Chey (with Amy as emotional support) and orders her to leave Bo.
  • Anyway yada yada mother and daughter do not get along and keep putting Amy in the middle because she keeps butting in – it ends with them staging an intervention for Amy and telling her to stop meddling
  • And eating all the Oreo flavours.
Superstore - Season 3
Evans Vestal Ward / NBC

Glenn & Dina

  • Dina is undergoing hormone shots and feeling a little testy.
  • When Glenn presents her with a surrogacy agreement she flips her shit and refuses to sign it. She then also shows up with her own list of demands which are ridiculous.
  • Glenn gets a lawyer & he is INTENSE
  • Dina then starts fucking around with Marcus, to infuriate Glenn and show how much she doesn’t care about being his surrogate.
  • To strike back, Glenn recruits Sandra as his new surrogate
  • They play a game of surrogate chicken until Mateo tells them to snap the hell out of it and just be cool
Superstore - Season 3
Evans Vestal Ward / NBC

Jonah & Kelly

  • While talking about things that are real and fake (like how mermaids are fake and we definitely didn’t evolve from them), Jonah learns that Kelly believes in angels
  • The halos, the wings, the whole shebang
  • He is made uncomfortable by the fact that her beliefs don’t match up with his, so he tries to change her and get her to realize that she’s wrong.
  • This annoys Kelly – because duh – and she cancels their weekend getaway
  • This bums Garrett out because he was planning a boys night without Jonah – so he launches into a beautiful speech about not giving up on a girl if she’s the right one (meh but okay) and Jonah runs after Kel.

Overall not the best Superstore episode, feeling especially unfinished and like it lacked resolution in all the storylines. What was Harmonica’s birthday theme? Did Kelly & Jonah reconcile? Better luck tonight…until then, I leave you with the most relatable line of this episode:

If I wanted to avoid doing things with people I hate, I would never leave my house

Superstore - Season 3
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