This episode begins in the sweetest way, over lunch between Kara and her friends on a rooftop garden that Kara constructed herself on the top of her building. As Lena, Kara, James, Alex, J’onn, and Brainy discuss life over mojitos, we see that Brainy has had too many – 14 in fact – since the get-together has commenced.

James helped to lay him under an azalea tree prior to Nia Nal’s arrival.

Kara then discusses her upcoming interview with a renowned spiritual alien healer named Amadei Derros. Being a friend of J’onn’s, Kara liked to pass most of the credit off to J’onn for helping Amadei agree to an interview after 20 years of distance from the press.

Nia and Brainy’s flirting game is back on. And it’s adorable! Even when Brainy reveals far too much information about Nia in front of the group. According to Alex, he’s no stalker, that’s just how he shows affection via data.

awkward moment with brainy

created by: Blair – TGON – Supergirl – The CW

After a sweet toast by the group, the camera cuts to Agent Jenson suffering under the control of the parasite inserted inside his ear the previous episode. The pain is worth it though, seeing as the parasite allows for Jenson to absorb the powers of an alien and use them against others. It also decimates the body of the alien whose powers were stolen by Jensen.

Let’s hope the DEO and Supergirl discover a way to combat this threat before Supergirl herself is outdone by such abilities. This would be a decimating blow to Kara, as she wouldn’t just be crippled in abilities and strength like the Kryptonite has done to her in the past, but she’d also be reduced to a corpse. This can’t happen.

Amadei Derros is seen healing a young alien boy of his inability to walk. Nia is enthralled as they settle down for an interview with the healer. It was quite eye opening and Kara decides to later pitch a series of everyday aliens speaking about their lives to sway negative public opinion in National City.

“As of yet, my frequency cannot reach humans. But it is my greatest wish to heal the human heart.”

I loved watching the shapeshifter dressed in suspenders, a button up and a bow tie putting on a show for a crowd. His choice of dress is similar to mine and my heart warmed watching him shapeshift for the crowd. Inevitably, Agent Jensen arrived to attack the alien in question, but not before he went hand to hand with Supergirl, absorbing her x-ray vision and strength. He thankfully only caught her once, and Supergirl was safe after some time under the sun lamps.

The Colonel and Director Danvers seem to see eye to eye. Alex is able to see praise from the Colonel when she adjusted the time it takes for the squad to leave the DEO in case of an emergency. But later in the episode, it’s clear that the military tactics are at the forefront. Alex was ordered to shoot Agent Jensen, despite a vast amount of civilian casualties inside the dome they trapped Jensen inside.

Kara was able to report from the ground where things were at, but I found it hilarious that the Colonel wondered why Supergirl was there. Kara, your voice is a dead give away. The Colonel almost found you out!

James jumped into the fray after being goaded by Benjamin Lockwood during a charity event hosted by the mayor. It seems he won’t be arrested yet, but he was able to help move citizens out of the way. Supergirl also attempted to pull away as many people through the forcefield before Agent Jensen worsened the circumstances.

The reason for the entire confrontation was because Jensen stole the medallion that Amadei wears to heal aliens and keep himself alive. This medallion, inserted onto Jensen’s neck, helped to keep Jensen healed while being shot at by DEO agents. He eventually surrendered to the DEO and minimum casualties resulted.

Afterward, Director Danvers was admonished by the Colonel for not following orders. She was trying to prevent further loss of life, but the Colonel wants the orders followed. She’s thankful that Alex is running things, instead of J’onn, who lied to the DEO for years and shouldn’t have been in power as an alien.

Alex is flabberghasted and comes to J’onn’s defense. It doesn’t seem to affect the Colonel, who then reminders Alex that she is her superior officer, requesting that salutes be offered during her exit. Oh, that’s going to make for a tension-filled DEO workplace in the future.

Other notes:

J’onn J’ones now runs the alien support group.

Kara can wear nice dresses to get-togethers, instead of simply wearing cardigans

James seems to think working with Ben Lockwood will solve problems….

agent liberty

created by: Blair – TGON – Supergirl – The CW