Chapter Seventy-Three

Photo Source: The CW // Jane The Virgin

I always thought I was the biggest Jafael fan out there…I even pictured myself as metaphorical captain of their metaphorical club, but I’m nothing compared to Mateo. That sweet little boy wants his parents to be together so badly, it’s pitiful.

It seems, actually, that the whole Villanueva family (and maybe even Rogelio a bit) is shipping Jafael, which is too much pressure. Rafael and Jane openly have feelings for one another, but they don’t want to risk hurting Mateo, who saw them kiss and thinks they’re getting married. So they decide to lie to the family about “staying friends”, while they hookup on the DL. This may seem like a rocky start for our (okay, my) favorite couple, but the entire episode was littered with moments that proved they’re stronger that most couples out there. Jane and Rafael have been through so much together—they have a five year old child!—so they’re best friends and very open communicators. Every time either one had a concern about their possible relationship, they voiced it and worked it out right away. On any other show (and with every other couple on this show), “secrets” and feelings would build up and create doubts and trust issues, but Jane and Rafael have already worked many of their issues out.

I dont want to jinx it, but this couple has a real shot, and they’ve been written together in a really fantastic way…

If you can’t already tell, I’m just really here for Jane the Virgin, currently.

I could talk about Jafael for hours, but I digress. This week, Rogelio became a stay-at-Home-Dad and nanny, or a Danny, as he aptly named himself. While it came with some adorable shots and hashtags, it was sort of a struggling storyline…and Rogelio’s subplots are usually pretty interesting. Is this going to be a recurring theme? Rogelio as a ‘Danny’? Or was the purpose to help Xo realize she wasn’t happy owning her own studio?

Also a storyline that’s confusing me slightly, Alba and Jorge. It’s pretty obvious Alba has some hidden, underlying reasons for turning down Jorge’s proposal. She definitely seems to have a lot of love for him and was really jealous when she saw him with his ex. I can’t help but think Alba’s journey back to love is tied to Jane’s. Will Alba’s realization that it’s okay to love someone fully again after you’ve lost your spouse help Jane be more open to Rafael? It’s possible, and I hope that’s where we’re going with this slightly boring storyline.

Finally on to the storyline that’s really picking up, Petra’s. She’s hired Jane Ramos (or JR) as her defense attourney, and the lady is pretty awesome…but also shady as hell. Very similar to Petra, actually! JR is probably working for either Magda or Luisa and Rose. Petra should keep her distance, but her “fight” with Jane led her to be open and honest with JR. Speaking of Jane, Rafael got her a meeting with Petra’s publisher friend, but when she couldn’t produce a solid idea? He zoned in on Petra and gushed over her. He’s definitely into her…I can’t be the only one who gets that vibe. He encourages Petra to author a lifestyle book, which enfuriates Jane. Fast forward a few days and no sentences written, Petra asks Jane to be her ghostwriter for a hefty sum of money! This will be fun to watch.

Don’t forget to watch “Chapter 74” airing tonight, which is directed by the lovely Gina Rodriguez!