Following Rick Grimes leaving the show in a helicopter never to be seen on the show again, a lot of big news came out on the Talking Dead. I wanted to give it some time to process and to see if any new information came out.

So what is going on, Scott M. Gimple announced that Rick Grimes will not be seen on the regular flagship show again, however as part of his role of overseeing all of the Walking Dead Universe that they are working on programming that will expand the entire universe. First off I still feel that Scott ruined many aspects of the flagship show, namely killing off Carl, so having him move up the ladder and give Angela Kang the reigns of the show has done good for the show this season.

Getting back to the big news, Andrew Lincoln, AKA Rick Grimes has signed on for three “movies” that will air on AMC. He says that the way TV is going you have the ability to put movie quality programming on TV. These won’t be just longer episodes but a movie, we are going to see what Rick Grimes has been up too in the 6 years that he hasn’t been on the show. Now Andrew Lincoln said in an interview that no script has been made yet but he expects something to happen next year, now does that mean filming or when we will see it I’m not sure. He also expressed interest in showing some sort of story of what Rick Grimes would do if he is in a brand new environment by himself where he has to survive. So that will be interesting to see, but however it sounds like that will not cross over with the flagship show.

Other things that Scott mentioned besides movies, is they will have other type of content, some of which is animated, some sounds like other movies, I got the sense it could be other short shows or episodes, he also said they are working on other ideas they can’t discuss right now. Some can be connected and some can be one offs of people we have never seen and might never see again. I hope it’s not some sort of virtual reality because I just don’t seem to like that type of media.

Scott said that we are going to see all sorts of things, we are going to see what is happening in other parts of the world, which is exciting as long as it’s not all subtitled. Well it would still be interesting if I had to read what was happening overseas. Scott said we could see stories from past and gone characters, we could see stories from current characters, we could also end up seeing characters from future characters. He didn’t necessarily say this can also be for Fear the Walking Dead but I am going to assume it will.

Here is a hybrid list of things I would want to see and things I think we might see besides the obvious 3 movies about Rick Grimes and other regions.

Eugene before he finds Abraham
Abraham, Rosita and Eugene’s journey before they meet Tara and Glenn
Morgan at multiple times. Could be before clear, could be his journey to Alexandria, could be his journey back west.
The stories of Magna and her group
The forming of Woodbury, Terminus, Saviors, Whisperers
Bob’s backstory of losing multiple groups
Maybe the origins of the helicopter and the partnership with Ann.
Give me some information on who in the world is GEORGIE!

Which ones have I missed? Which ones would you like to see? Will you be watching the continued new Walking Dead content on AMC?

- The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Who would have thought that Ann and her helicopter would have ushered in all sorts of new Walking Dead programming? Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC