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Are you as excited as we are for the NBC’s Hairspray Live! that premieres tonight? Say no more, we’ve got you covered. We’ve pulled some strings and got a hold of the transcript of the latest conference call, moderated by Joey Levine. Grab a bowl of popcorn and dig into the goodness of the food and the juiciness of exclusive scoops and commentary from the show’s creators and actors. I’ve got to stop making comparisons to food. Okay, here we go! Check out the highlights:

The conference call’s journalists were joined by four members from the all-star cast: Dove Cameron, who is starring as Amber; Garrett Clayton, starring as Link; Ephraim Sykes, starring as Seaweed; and Maddie Baillio, who is portraying the part of Tracy.

  • Maddie landed the leading role after competing with 1000 other women
  • Maddie’s favorite thing about playing Tracy is the fact she is an ultimate underdog and every girl can relate to her
  • According to Ephraim, Seaweed is able to bridge gaps of hate and misunderstandings and bring people together through music and dance
  • Dove is thrilled to be a part of a musical that touches upon a subject matter that is still very much relevant today, especially when it comes to politics
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur (who starred as Tracy on Broadway) gave Maddie a little tip to always listen to Harvey Fierstein (script adaptator) because he is always right
  • Former Tracy actresses (including Ricki Lake) will make cameos during Hairspray Live!
  • During audition, Maddie was asked to sing the end of Good Morning Baltimore but she had to make the words up since she had only prepared the middle part of the song
  • Garrett’s audition process consisted of sending a tape to the producers first and then facetiming with the choreographer
  • Ephraim thought he wouldn’t even get the part since the producers had already hired such accomplished and famous personalities, like Jennifer Hudson or Ariana Grande. Only after a confidence boost from his agent, he submitted a tape.
  • If Garrett wasn’t playing Link, he would have chosen Amber since she has so many brilliant one-liners
  • Maddie says Jennifer Hudson is going to change the world with her rendition of Motormouth Maybelle’s songs
  • The cast has bonded a lot during rehearsals, and after work, they would go to the movies, have a game night or even throw a sleepover.
  • Harvey Fierstein has taught Dove how to successfully stuff his bra
  • Being a cast member of Hamilton has truly helped Ephraim in adjusting to the Hairspray’s production
  • Garrett hopes he has enough endurance for the You Can’t Stop The Beat number
  • If they could take one prop or costume, home with them, almost everyone chose Garrett’s blue suede shoes for It Takes Two, or they would just steal Ariana’s ponytails
  • The cast gushes over Jennifer Hudson and Kristin Chenoweth at one point (who wouldn’t tho)
  • Maddie didn’t even see the original Hairspray until two months ago. She did see the 2007 version earlier and she fell in love with it immediately.
  • Maddie’s parents have been extremely supportive of her dreams and they continuously let her pursue her desires. Her mother works for NASA and her father is a doctor.
  • Maddie sees herself in Tracy because she is the biggest optimist. She doesn’t let anything stop her plans, she gets the guy, she gets a part on the show and finally, she changes the world.
  • Referencing to Amber’s character, Dove states that she doesn’t really believe in bad people, there are just good people who have things happen to them.
  • For Ephraim, his art and craft are very therapeutic
  • When talking about Link, Garrett says he wanted to make sure there are certain aspects of him that still exist within the character. But at the same time he wanted to make sure that he had put his scent on it.

That would be it, I hope you learned some fun stuff from this interview recap, I sure did! So tonight, turn on the telly, tease your hair like crazy, wear full skirts, mary jane shoes and dance like there is no tomorrow!