It’s hard to critique show when they focus on the parts they do best. A Jessica centric episode that utilizes Constance and Randall’s chemistry while tackling issues only this show can handle was just what the season needed! While the episode lacked our desired amount of grandma Jenny we can concede that the episode was a grand slam dunk sports reference that means good.

The main story is where its all at Jessica and Louis learn that a new Chinese family has moved into the area and immediately go to stalk/greet them. The moments we worry their over-enthusiasm will be awkward or scare the new family away are quickly dashed when their new friends are just as excited to meet them. The mayor payer is Stephanie–Jessica’s new friend, who is played by Ming-Na Wen who, in intentional irony, played Dr. Chen on Honey’s very relatable late 90’s obsession medical drama E.R. [you may also know her from her roles in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D or as the voice of Mulan].

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They bond quickly, and Jessica views her as an equal, going so far as to take parenting advice from her and joining forces to shake up the HoA. ///we have a slight break in logic here, because it’s hard to imagine an HoA meeting with Jessica and NOT Evan, yet we see her at two without him? Maybe it’s his new job, which we’ll dive into at the end, but I still raised an eyebrow.

Things finally hit the fan when Jessica learns that her new friend’s son isn’t actually a “successful entrepreneur” like she thought, but is actually an art-degree wielding cab driver that she actually doesn’t approve of. Cut to a hilarious “can she read my mind” situation and their friendship falling apart. The episode culminates in Elaine wearing low rise jeans (that Jessica hates) to the HoA mural unveiling, but the frienemies have to go drop their short-lived feud when the Chinese child in the mural is depicted with a math book. Jessica schools everyone on how even supposedly “positive” stereotypes can be hurtful and mends fences with her speech and even suggests Elaine’s son redoes the mural (he does a fantastic job).

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The artistic son is played by Reggie Lee, but equally notable is Jimmy O. Yang as the husband who has a budding bromance with Louis until he edges into Louis’ friendship with Marvin. It created a good variety of new-friends drama that kept the episode jam-packed and dynamic, so praise all around.

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

Where we struggle is with the boys who encroach on Evan’s work as a census volunteer by pretending to be with the census to scam people into pool information and when they wouldn’t be home so they could trespass. Evan reacts exactly as expected and it’s all very cute and a good break from the tense dramas of the episode. We are disappointed in Emery but it is in line with his development and explains why Jessica (shockingly) didn’t brag about him. He’s gaining Edie attributes, but we hope they continue highlighting his growth and he becomes more solid in himself and less of a follower. Come in writers! Give him a distinct hobby ointerestst, Forrest can handle it!

We can’t wait for mkre Fresh Off the Boat, as the season will be on hiatus after tonight’s new episode “Sub Standar” on Friday Nov. 16th until December 7th! So get your fill now, it’s going to be a few weeks until its back.