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It’s been four long months, but The Mindy Project will finally return Tuesday with the appropriately-titled episode Will They or Won’t They? The show, which has always been Mindy Kaling’s ode to the romantic comedy, may be heading into unfamiliar rom-com territory, as we learn the fate of Mindy and Danny’s relationship. The fan-favorite “ship” has had its ups and downs, but, as the show started its hiatus in December, it appeared that the couple’s romance had finally run its course, with Mindy tearfully pondering leaving the apartment she shared with Danny.

The show, which made its way from Fox to Hulu in September, started the season on an emotional high, with Danny’s swoon-worthy proposal to pregnant Mindy after his return from India. But their relationship became strained once baby Leo made an appearance and the couple butted heads over whether Mindy would stay at home with their son or pursue her career. While hints about the second part of the season have been hard to come by, Hulu did release a teaser trailer recently, which showed Mindy and Leo living in Mindy’s former apartment, Danny nowhere to be seen. Are all signs pointing to a break-up? Or does Mindy Kaling have a few tricks up her sleeve? Kaling once said that Danny was it for Mindy Lahiri, was she trolling us?

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