Hey everyone! Yes. I attached Evanescence lyrics to the title of this Supergirl episode – you can’t tell me you weren’t thinking the exact same thing. In any case, there were some interesting things that happened this episode, both character-wise and in regard to overall events, so let’s dive in and read all of my opinions on it! Most of the episode was Kara-and-Sam-Centric, though the two didn’t actually interact. After an Exploratory team discovers a mysterious ship at the bottom of the lake where Morgan Edge had initiated an attack, Kara, Winn, and J’onn go down to explore. What they find is…freakin’ insane. I thought it was all connected to Reign somehow, but it turns out it’s FREAKIN’ MON-EL. What.

He's baaack

Mon-El’s Return – Supergirl – The CW


They take an obviously hurting Mon-El to the DEO, and after an attempted escape to get back to the ship, Kara is forced to throw him in a prison cell. He asks for Winn’s help to get back to the ship, where they attempt to maintain the other cryogenic cells within. Kara follows them and believes that Mon-El had kidnapped Winn. The duo argue, and when Kara asks how he could’ve changed so much in seven months, he reveals that it had been 7 years. The worm-hole that he had been sucked into at the end of last season transported him to the 31st century, where he had spent seven years. L-Corp had since developed a cure for the lead-poisoning in the Earth’s atmosphere. Things go south when the chambers begin to fail, and in a panic Mon-El tries to save a particular one – Unfortunately when he can’t break the glass, Kara does it for him and out spills a woman who he calls “Embra.” They bring her back to the DEO, and when she wakes up, we find out that not only did he move on, but he got married! Like. How rude. How dare he try to move on because he didn’t think he’d find his way back to Kara. And worst of all, through out everything he kept Kara’s necklace to remind himself of her. I am so offended.


Before I get too deep into my rage there, let’s move on to J’onn and his father. After Mr. J’onzz Sr. approaches Winn asking for the restroom, Winn goes to J’onn with the concern that his father sees himself in a newer, fancier prison. After some convincing, J’onn takes his father outside of the walls, but it seems his mind is stuck in his work. Mr. J’onzz tells J’onn this very thing, and after some serious consideration, J’onn decides to get an apartment – for both himself and his father to live in. I know this wasn’t really pertinent to the storyline, but I absolutely adored this interaction. I feel like we got to see J’onn reunite with his father, but they’d been apart for 300 years – they were basically strangers. So to see him making an effort to get to know his father once more is amazing and I want more of Space-dad reconnecting with Space-grandpa.

Space dad

Space Dad Bonding With Space Grandpa – Supergirl – The CW


And finally we get to Sam. While making breakfast for herself and Ruby, she decides to stick her hand in a pot of boiling water. Because that’s something a sane person would do. When she realizes that it doesn’t actually hurt her, she decides to take a small drive and visit her mom. We get a pretty deep backstory with Sam, which makes me happy because I adore her as a series regular. We learn that she’d gotten pregnant and was kicked out by her adoptive mother, Patricia. The evil woman who raised her shows her the pod she arrived in, and when she touches it, out pops a codex similar to the one Supergirl uses to communicate with the hologram of her mother. In a flash decision, Sam decides to take a road trip, leaving Ruby in the capable hands of her babysitter. The codex leads her to the middle of the desert, where she comes upon her “Fortress of Sanctuary.” She inserts her codex into the mainframe and a woman appears, explaining that Sam will be known as a World-Killer, and her powers will be too grand to stop. Sam refuses to believe it, until the woman tells her “You Will Reign.” With that, Sam falls to her knees in agony, and when she rises again, she definitely isn’t the same.


The World-Killer Awakens – Supergirl – The CW

What will this mean for Supergirl and the Supergang? Is Lena back to having one friend in National City? What about Ruby? Will they fix Sam?! Hopefully we’ll find out the answer to all of these questions and more, so tune in to Supergirl every Monday on The CW!