Daredevil 308 1

Nadeem…meet Daredevil. Photo is a direct screenshot from the show via Netflix.

**Please note that this review contains spoilers for “Upstairs/Downstairs” and any episodes that occur prior**

“He died quickly.”

Man oh man. I think that was easily Karen’s best scene in the entire series so far—and some of the best powerhouse performances to come from Deborah Anne Woll and Vincent D’Onofrio. The tension was incredible as Karen sat down with Kingpin, and the two subtly started a spitting contest. Seeing each other continually gain the upper hand on the other was immensely satisfying. Though nothing beats Karen getting in the last verbal punch, revealing that she was the one that killed Wesley. The entire sequence is one that I’m not easily going to forget, as it felt like the build-up of three entire seasons into one moment. Season 3 has been killing it, and it’s showing no signs of stopping any time soon.

After Dex took an episode break, we got back to him as he attempted one last time to pull his life back together. This included reaching out to Julie—which actually was going surprisingly well. That is, until she blocked his number and led him right into Fisk’s embrace. It’s really intriguing how the show has given more sympathetic layers to Dex. He knows he is falling from grace, and he’s reaching out for every safety line he might be able to reach. Problem is, those lines keep breaking when he grabs on.  Having now burned his therapy tapes, there may be no turning back for him.

Daredevil 308 2

Wilson Fisk in his watchtower. Photo is a direct screenshot from the show via Netflix.

Ray continued to make some fantastic progress as a character. He looked into Daredevil’s claims, and was able to connect Dex to the Bulletin attack. This led to his first official team-up with Daredevil—which I was more than pleased to see. It even gave us a neat escape sequence as Daredevil and Ray had to escape Dex’s ricocheting bullets. Now that Dex and Fisk both know that the good guys are on to Dex’s identity, I don’t think Ray has an easy path ahead. I do wonder why he’s been sitting in his car for so long with a bullet wound, though.  He should probably go get that checked out.

As for Matt, most of his time this episode was spent alongside Ray as they both looked into Dex. The most exciting thing, however, was that Matt got the opportunity to unravel who his imposter is—learning that the two of them might not be so different. With all of the knowledge Matt has now on Dex, I’m very excited to see the two go toe to toe once again. Dex’s identity wasn’t the only revelation Matt received in this episode.  The hour closed out with him over-hearing a shocking truth. Sister Maggie is his mother, whom he long thought to be dead. Comic readers knew this was going to be revealed at some point. Personally, I’m surprised it took eight episodes. But the reveal came at a natural time, and I look forward to seeing Charlie Cox’s performance as he takes in this news. Though, you’d have to think that Sister Maggie would have known that Matt would over-hear her, right?

Daredevil 308 3

These two did a fantastic job in this scene. Photo is a direct screenshot from the show via Netflix.

With another fantastic episode in the books, season three is easily becoming not only Daredevil’s best season, but easily the best Marvel season that’s been given to us. New alliances and revelations were made; Karen took a shot at Fisk; and Foggy started his offense. I don’t think Fisk is going to be planning anything fun for our group of heroes—especially Karen. Karen better be on high alert.

Bonus Notes:
– Dex throwing things will never get old. Also: just the ease of getting those glass shards from the light was impressive.
– Now, I completely understand why Dex’s Stalkee would block his number. However, given what we saw in the episode, I would put money on all of that sudden backlash coming from Fisk pulling strings—rather than her just randomly deciding not to help Dex.



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