Source: CW iZombie

iZombie most darkest case and episode. We got a much darker and realistic murder case than before but was sprinkled with some humorous moments to fill in the gaps of the case. With another case we get Liv taking on the traits of a mother which leads to some funny part that flows pretty nautal between her and the rest of the characters. The relationship between Liv and Lowell was giving a fair amount of time to see how they fit together and how they act like the zombie problem is almost isn’t there. However once as I was able to see where this case was going I was wondering how they would solve it. But isnt of a sugar coated ending we got not one but two “Zombie rage” moments which was a nice surprise. It showed us what these “zombie rage” outbust can really do. A good step forward from last weeks ep and it seems the show may be close to a zombie cure which will definitely rise the stakes.