It’s the day of Jo and Alex’s wedding. According to Betty’s sobriety chip, it’s been about a month since April’s accident.

30 days sober betty

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Zola asks her mom if she thinks she’ll ever get married again. Meredith says that she’s already had the big love of her life and doesn’t want to be too greedy falling in love again. Zola says that you can’t be too greedy when it comes to love.

zola and mer

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Arizona steams Alex’s suit. She tells him that he and Meredith are supposed to leave for the wedding in 15 minutes. Arizona is going to pick up Jo. We learn that Arizona is leaving for New York after the wedding. Alex tries to thank Arizona, but it makes her emotional. There’s a knock on the door and it’s Jo, excited. Jo just received an acceptance letter for a fellowship at Mass Gen. Meredith points out that she helped Meredith create mini livers, and that Jo will be highly sought after. Everyone tells Jo that it’s bad luck for them to see each other before the wedding, but she was too excited to keep this news from her almost-husband. After Arizona and Jo leave, Meredith tells Alex that Boston is freezing half of the year, trying to discourage her best friend from leaving her.

jo acceptance

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Bailey goes through the mail while waiting for Ben to be ready to leave. In the stack of envelopes, she finds her first check for the trailblazer. She and her husband gape at the large amount of money.

bailey check

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The wedding planner that April is working with is on the phone with the caterers, who are lost. They think they’re at the wedding, but clearly they’re not at the right place. April thanks Matthew for coming with her to the wedding, even though the last time they were at a wedding together, it was their own, and April ran off with Jackson.

Everyone sits down at the wedding. They’re in a church, and Jackson recounts his promise to serve God. He tells Maggie that he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do to honor that promise. Maggie says she’s not a religious person, but neither is Jackson. The two kiss, and from a couple of pews back, Qadri is full of jealousy. The wedding starts, and the wedding party begins their walk down the aisle. Bailey is surprised at how many friends Jo and Alex have outside of the hospital. Jackson gets a text from April asking where they are. They are at the wrong wedding. The GPS link on the wedding website was incorrect. April tells Meredith and Alex that everyone is on the way now.

wrong wedding

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At the church, our surgeons try to sneak out without it being a mass exodus. Bailey and Ben are still there when the brides mother faints. Ben rushes out to the station around the corner, and Bailey gets to work.

Amelia, Owen, and the kids, however, show up to the correct location because Owen never uses GPS. Amelia notices that Meredith seems less than okay. Meredith admits that she hasn’t been this bad in a while. Amelia jumps to the assumption that Meredith is in love with Alex (as many of us were hoping would happen during the dark days of season 13), but Meredith firmly denies it. She turns it around on Amelia, pointing out that she’s secretly falling back in love with her ex-husband.

mer annoyed at amelia

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Meredith marches into Jo’s bridal suite and tells her that if she doesn’t want to do a fellowship year, she can have a general attending position at Grey Sloan Memorial.

mer offers jo job

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Arizona wants Alex’s wedding to be perfect so that if things go terribly wrong in the future, and the two end up fighting over the custody of their children, they’ll have this perfect day to look back on to show why they got into this marriage in the first place. It’s so cynical, it’s almost shocking, but very relatable. Jo bursts in to talk to Alex, and Arizona is upset about the bad luck Jo is bringing to the day. Jo thinks that Alex was just pretending to be supportive by saying he’d follow her anywhere. She thinks Alex told Meredith to give her the job so they could stay in Seattle. Alex reminds her that he isn’t Paul, her controlling, abusive late husband. Jo softens and asks if he thinks she’s ready to be an attending. He asks if she feels like she is. When she says she doesn’t, he says she should take the fellowship, if she feels that’s what’s best for her. The two start kissing, and Jo decides they should go somewhere April won’t walk in. They find an abandoned barn, and Alex kicks in the door.

alex and jo pre wedding

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Bailey and the ambulance arrive at the hospital. Bailey believes the mother of the bride has abdominal aortic aneurysm. She wants to page Maggie to help operate, but Maggie is at the wedding. Bailey is disappointed by the on-call cardio surgeon until she sees Teddy walking down the hall with her suitcases, just in from Germany. Bailey tells her to scrub in.

The guests finally arrive at the wedding. Catherine tells April that she misses her at the hospital. We learn that April is providing medical aid at the homeless shelter.

Jo and Alex, now done with their final act of premarital sex, try to leave the barn but cannot open the door. Earlier, Alex was able to kick the door in, but due to the barn’s doorframe, he can’t kick it open the other way.

shouting jo

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Jackson feels awkward being at a wedding that Matthew is also at, given their history with weddings. Maggie reminds him that Harriet will need them all to be able to get along, and urges Jackson to ‘channel his inner Jesus’ and make friends.

April asks Arizona where Alex is, and she says that he’s in the groom room. Alex, however, is not in the groom room. Arizona thinks she scared Alex off by her cynicism earlier. When April says that Jo is also missing, Arizona is relieved that this isn’t entirely her own fault.

Webber sees through Meredith’s job offer to Jo. He knows that she mostly just wants to keep Alex around. He tells Meredith that this fellowship is one of the most exciting ones in the country. Meredith, herself, didn’t take a fellowship year, but Webber reminds her of her pedigree. He says that Jo deserves more training. Amelia re-emerges and asks Meredith if Jo is the one she’s in love with. Meredith says that she isn’t in love with anyone. Alex is her person now that Cristina is gone. Maggie has Jackson, and Amelia is always at Owen’s with the children. Meredith has found happiness in her life, post-Derek, and doesn’t want to be alone.

amelia and mer wedding

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Jo blames herself for their bad luck, and Alex says this will be a funny story for the kids someday. Alex finds a muddy window and busts it out. Once sunlight streams in, Jo sees a skeleton and screams. Later on, however, Jo laughs uncontrollably at the fact that they just had sex in a barn next to a corpse on their wedding day.

corpse kiss

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Meredith finds Jo’s shoes in Alex’s room and figures (correctly) that the two decided to sneak off for alone time.

The interns take shots (of the alcoholic variety, not medical), and Helm toasts how good Meredith looks in her dress. The others point out that she’s already toasted to that, and she changes it to Meredith’s hair. Qadri invites DeLuca to join then, moving on from her crush on Jackson.

drunk interns

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Jackson talks to Matthew, pointing out how weird this is, but says that April deserves to be happy. Matthew says that he’s trying to build a life with April, and with Jackson being Harriet’s father, Jackson will be somewhat in his life. He says that he’s trying to be Christian about this, but basically he wants to hit Jackson. Jackson asks if it’d make him feel better to know that he recently lost a quarter of a billion dollars, and Matthew says that it does.

jackson matthew

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Betty asks Owen if he’s going to marry Amelia. She’s been living with them for a month, and can’t tell if they’re a couple or not. She thinks it’s weird that they live together and take care of foster kids together, but aren’t a couple. Owen badly explains that they used to be married, but her brain tumor complicated things. Betty says she doesn’t think it’s complicated anymore.

At the hospital, Bailey tells Teddy that she sees this woman fainting as a sign. If Bailey hadn’t accidentally been at the wrong wedding, this woman may have died. She says that it’s been months since she almost died from her heart attack and she hasn’t done much to take better care of herself. She says she’s gone back to her life, but she wants a change. Bailey apologizes for making Teddy miss the wedding, but Teddy wasn’t invited. She came to Seattle in hopes for a job.

teddy asks for job

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Drunk Helm wants to tell Meredith how she feels about her, but Carina tells her that love is precious and that she shouldn’t waste it on someone who can’t love her back.

Arizona tells April and Webber that it’s a ‘catastrophe’ that every time Callie texts her, she involuntarily smiles. She says that no one in her life has hurt her that way Callie has hurt her. April says that no one has hurt Matthew the way she hurt him by leaving him at the altar, but he’s forgiven her and they’re getting their second chance.

ari likes callie

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The wedding planner asks if anyone has an epipen because she accidentally ate shrimp and is extremely allergic. April finds a first aid kit, but no epipen. There is some expired benadryl, which will have to be good enough. Webber calls for an ambulance, and April asks the caterer to bring the sharpest knife they have. They make an incision in her throat and put a hollow pinwheel stick in it to let air out so she can breathe.

shrimp shock

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After the mother of the bride is out of surgery, she tells her daughter to find the pastor and get married today. The bride doesn’t want to get married without her mother there. She reminds the couple that a lot of people came in from out of town and took off work to attend their wedding. She won’t be out of the ICU for another week, but she thinks it’s important to continue on. Bailey has the idea to live stream the wedding through a tablet so the mother can be there in spirit.

live stream wedding

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Meredith walks with DeLuca and tells him that he’ll find love again. DeLuca misreads the situation and kisses Meredith. She stops him and says that although that was flattering, she wasn’t trying to seduce him. They hear Jo and Alex scream and they rush to the barn. Following Alex’s instructions, DeLuca kicks in the door and the two rush out.

deluca mer kiss

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Bailey tells Teddy that she wants to take a sabbatical from being Chief. She doesn’t want to do paperwork and scheduling and all of the stress of her job. She wants to fall in love with the OR again and do innovative things. Because she’s a woman, she feels like she can’t rest. As if resting would be a sign of weakness to the patriarchy. Bailey loves her job and says that this is temporary, but wants to make Teddy Interim Chief.

With all of the misfortunes with the wedding, Jo and Alex call it off and head home on the ferry.

Matthew proposes to April. He says he knows that this is fast and crazy, but he loved her five years ago, and he loves who she is today even more. The pastor shows up late for Alex and Jo’s wedding, and Matthew and April decide to get married today.

matthew and april wedding

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Maggie shows Alex that you can become an ordained minister instantly on your phone. He shows Meredith, and she clicks the button. Right there, on the ferry boat, Meredith marries Jo and Alex.

mer officiating

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The episode ends with a twist that made me literally say “Oh my God” out loud: during the live-stream of the wedding, Teddy subconsciously touches her stomach. The mother of the bride asks Teddy if she’s expecting, AND TEDDY SAYS YES. OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS. So much for Omelia. I have no idea how this is going to pan out. I can’t believe we have to wait until September.

pregnant teddy

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