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Lite Overview

For those who haven’t had the luxury of enjoying Stan Against Evil here is a littler overview. I highly recommend it; older episodes can be found on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

Stan Against Evil is an IFC show that takes place in Willard Mill. Stan Miller (John C. McGinley) is a beloved sheriff who unfortunately was forced to resign after the death of his wife. Evie Barret (Janet Varney) would take his place and work with Deputy Leon Drinkwater (Nate Mooney) fighting crime in the humble town. However, Willard Mill isn’t exactly what is seems, it’s been foretold that 172 witches were burned at the stake by Constable Eccles (Randall Newsome) and they now want revenge. Miller and Barret keep the supernatural at bay with the help of his daughter, Denise Miller (Deborah Baker Jr.).

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End of Season Two Recap

The following sections will include spoilers so please turn around if you haven’t made it to season two yet! The last season of Stan Against Evil was a doozy. Gerard Duquette, the vodou priest, made his debut and tortured Stan and Evie all season long. He gave Stan the ability to see his wife again, sending him back in time, via the cabin, and driving a wedge between our two protagonists. With Evie out of the loop, she was unable to aid Stan in his quest fearing the worst. As Stan’s beloved wife was destroying the five deadly flowers, a struggle between good and evil commenced, inevitably killing her and leaving one deadly flower left.

Hell is What You Make It

The first episode of season three was a head scratcher. Stan and Evie returned to their normal timeline only to realize the cabin, the time travel device, was burned down. Stan leaves to go to the bathroom when suddenly Evie is attacked by a zombie! After putting a stake through its heart, Deputy Leon Drinkwater, tells her that she killed Stan not a zombie. He promptly has her committed to a mental hospital. On her way in, she discovers that the land of the living has indeed been corrupted by the land of the dead. Stan also finds himself in the hospital however, Duquette informs him that he needs to learn to work with others better if he wants to survive. Stan must use his connection to Evie if he wants to save them both.

The Hex Files

In the second episode of season three, the Black Hat Society is back, just a bit crispier. Two familiar investigators come onto the scene Fleming, the believer, and Nesbitt, the skeptic, and offer their services to Evie. As they work together to find out what happened to the town’s loveable witches, Stan looks for a bigger evil to help him take down Constable Eccles. This X-Files type of episode is more light than the previous, allowing Evie and Stan to fully work together. Who are these investigators and why do they want to help Evie?

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I am always happy to see an episode of Stan Against Evil. It gives me my horror and comedy fix all in one. I’ve got to say, it’s nice to see Stan take a backseat and allow Evie to do her job as sheriff. However, I fear that because he has seen is wife, he will hide behind is work. Not allowing those he loves to help or even get close to him emotionally. Overall, it’s exciting to see where this season will take us, and I look forward to the next episode!