Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network

We all knew there was an intriguing back story between Alice Vaughan and Ethan Ward. I don’t think any of us knew how layered and deep that back story went. “The Hard Drive” begins-as things must do-at the beginning, 2009. With Alice and Ethan engaged in some *ahem* robust calisthenics. Instead of an AVI security and investigation firm, these two run a commercial real estate development company, Ward & Associates. Everything seems rosy until Ethan is arrested for murder. And the arresting officer? None other than Val, a former LAPD detective.

The past is pretty weird, right?

Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network

As for the present: Ben is ridiculously calm for having just found out about his 15 year old daughter. Uber calm. Outrageously calm. He’s trying to figure out his place in Tessa’s life while planning his life with Alice…who is actively trying to stay out of the drama. Which won’t work at all. In fact, the family dynamic is definitely off with newbie Tessa in the mix. Rhys surprisingly had no idea Tessa existed. It’s quite odd.

Back in 2009, we see prim and proper Alice was a fan of blow. She was a bit of a wild child and definitely was distrustful of Ethan. Talk about dysfunctional behavior.

Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network

During AVI’s vetting of a potential police chief (and Val’s old partner), they found out Ethan wasn’t a cop killer. It turns Alice’s world upsides down and she’s forced to confront her feelings for an innocent Ethan.

As for the reluctant FBI informants: the FBI website was compromised and hacked, leading to CI identities being revealed. Rhys wants to run, Ben wants to end the agreement and Agent Diaz wants them to act professional.

They do act professional until the FBI investigation leads them to a military contractor called Blackwell. When the stolen hard drive turned out to be a young man named Troy, Agent Diaz has his cell picked out. Until he claims to know where her missing husband is.

Uh oh.

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