With 24 hours left before Iris dies Team Flash does whatever it takes to save her.  Barry teams up with Snart while Team Flash tries to Hide Iris from Savitar. Being desperate  Barry time travel to a point in time where Snart is still alive.  They team up to pull off a heist t that is both fun and dark. Snart is always great and had some great lines with Barry.  The two could have honestly just carried this whole episode by themselves.  Snart has been one of my favorite characters in this universe and I also enjoyed bits of Arrow elements sprinkled in this episode. We also get a hint of a possible return of a new version of  The Suicide Squad.

Team flash takes Iris to earth 2 where we get to see Harry Wells again. This leads to one of my favorite moment in the episode.  However, this would be smart plan is ruined by H.R Wells. This leads to a showdown between Savitar and Wally and  Joe West finally seeing Savitar face. Their moment really drove home how Savitar is truly broken and in pain.

This episode was handled much better than last week’s totally off episode.  I thought Killing Iris off was a bold move, although I felt the video of her saying goodbye was a bit on the cheesy side for my taste. I have the weirdest feeling that  Iris is still somehow alive. Overall, I loved this episode and can’t wait to see what happens in the finale. How Team Flash will survive this and what will happen to them post-Savitar?