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Midnight, Texas - Season 2
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So everyone survived the closing of the veil last season. We open to Manny walking through to town in his undies and boots. He is going to dig graves. Cut to the morning and Creek is talking about going to Austin. Next we find everyone saying hello to their significant others.

The Midnighters gather in the diner a talk about the hotel in town being renovated and reopened and they all decide to attend the grand opening. They are skeptical about the new owners and wonder if they are going to be trouble with the New Aged spa they are selling. The new owners are Kai and Patience Lucero.

Manny is having serious problems. He keeps hallucinating killing his friends. The urges to kill keep getting stronger. He finds out that it is connected to him taking on all the demons he had in order to defeat Colconnar.

Olivia is very skeptical of Kai and Patience and goes to the hotel to investigate. Bobo has bought the old Nazi bar and reopened it to the public. Lem is the bouncer and Joe is a bartender/server. Demons find the bar and Joe gets into a fight. A human demon hunter named Walker finds him and helps out.

Manny finally reaches full-on psychosis due to the demon “cancer”. He tries to kill Creek and Olivia. Lem finds them and they try to help him. The Rev brings in Kai.

Can Kai save Manny or will Manny have to die? Watch the episode and tell me what you think in the comments below. You can watch Midnight, Texas Fridays on NBC or Saturdays on Hulu. Till next week…

Midnight, Texas - Season 2
Source IMDB

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