SUPER DRAGS Hits Netflix Nov. 9th – We Have the Trailer and Breakdown

We’ve been waiting for more information on super drags for what feels like forever and Netflix finally delivered all of the information at once. Maybe that is because it premieres so soon! The adult animated series will land on Netflix Friday November 9th!

Super Drags – Netflix

The bad news? It’s only FIVE EPISODES! That is some Castelvania disappointment bullshit right there. We are happy to report however that this piece of lgbt representative media fully embraced its MA only-for-adukts contsnt stipulation by pushing the envelope of all the stereotypes we almost wish weren’t there to make this piece of animation that blends the vibes of Sailor Moon and an homage to the Powerpuff Girls then filters them through an almost Rick and Morty level of genital humor lense to give us an extremely watchable little animated series most are bound to enjoy. Don’t believe us? Watch the trailer for yourself here!

The English dub also features actual drag queens as the voice actors, and if the premise of the show excites you then you will likely recognize the voice cast that includes Trixie Mattel, Ginger Minj, Shangela, and Willam. We have high hopes that other familiar voices from the communuty will be joining the roster but everything seems to be pointing in the right direction that the show will be the one we’ve been waiting on.

Super Drags – Netflix

Even from the glimpses of the plot, there seems to be a good balance of cartoon action, dirty jokes, and wit. But moreover there is also lgbt romance where (hopefully) no one tragically dies of a disease or hate crime, and a diverse spectrum of bodies, colors, styles, and personalities will be represented! We will have an honest review ready soon after it drops, but our own expectations have set the bar high [and we are fully ignoring the situation surrounding the show’s home country, Brazil, and hope it doesn’t effect the future of the show (unless it sucks…but cancellation and censorship are two different things ~okurrrr)]

Super Drags – Netflix

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