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Superstore – Gender Reveal

The store hosts a gender reveal party for Glenn and his wife, Jerusha, just as Dina is freaking out at the realities of having to deliver a baby; Amy receives some unsettling news.
Superstore - Season 3
Greg Gayne / NBC

This featured image is a spoiler alert, so spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the episode, but honestly this will entice you to watch it because if you still haven’t then clearly you need a little nudge.

The A plot pretends to be about Glenn & Jerusha’s baby and about how Dina starts freaking out after seeing the baby in 4D in an ultrasound, which same. Amy tries to convince her that being pregnant is great and labour is not that painful and shares the story of a pregnancy scare she had that made her kind of want to be pregnant again. As she tells Dina that she was disappointed with the “1 cloud” negative result, Dina informs her that those tests were recalled because of all the false negatives they gave.

Amy understandably freaks out, takes a new test, and finds out that she’s actually pregnant! If you’re wondering who the father is…it’s Adam. Dubenowski. Not the cutie beverage delivery guy, Alex. Adam and his girlfriend had broken up and when he came over to Amy’s they fell into the same old patterns, resulting in this accident. She needs to get out of the store and get air and her BFF Dina sneaks her out.

Superstore - Season 3
Greg Gayne / NBC

Problem is, Dina is supposed to be at Glenn’s gender reveal, which is going terribly. Not only is the baby not present, Garrett lost the envelope with the sex of the baby in it so he launches into a speach about how it’s uncool to bring your baby into a world of preconceived gender norms, which was used as a moment of comedy but also is very true, parents need to be respectful of how the baby will identify in time and let it be who it wants to be and how it wants to be that person. But, I digress.

Amy and Dina drive around for a while and Amy says that this baby means she can’t do all the things she said she would once Emma was out of the house. Dina, in all her wisdom, simply says that if there are things you want to do, you have to do them, because there are always excuses to not.

Armed with this, Amy walks back into the store, finds Jonah, looks at him with love eyes, and goes in for the kiss. It is beautiful and everything we’ve been waiting for this whole time and then Amy breaks it off and bluntly announces that she’s pregnant.

Superstore - Season 3
Greg Gayne / NBC


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